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Meet Mike Millner, Certified Neurotype Training Coach and Owner of POP

While many people know Mike from his neurotyping work, or his popular e-book, “Mind Over Macros”, there’s more to this nutrition coach than meets the eye. His list of accomplishments and certifications is long – NASM, CPT, FNS, PN Level 1, NCI Level 1, Hormone Specialist, Mindset Specialist, and Certified Neurotyping Coach. Even with all these credentials, he continues to learn more about nutrition and fitness every single day.

But, Mike’s coaching qualifications go beyond course completions and certificates. His extraordinary ability to help people become the best version of themselves is deeply rooted in his own personal experience with dieting, nutrition, and fitness.

Mike’s Personal Journey

Through the years, Mike has experienced being overweight, skinny fat, and everything in between. With that, came a variety of feelings. These included embarrassment, shame, insecurity, and more. Now, he has reached a place of balance and harmony and helps others do the same. Inspired by his own grandfather’s ability to connect with people, Mike positively impacts his clients’ lives in terms of diet, exercise, and beyond.

How Can Mike Help YOU With a Custom Training or Nutrition Program?

Nutrition and fitness are two of the most personal topics on the planet. Since every body is different, the approach to each for every person is as unique as the individual. No one understands this better than Mike.

Drawing from his own personal experience, and utilizing tools he has learned through professional development, he can help YOU with nutrition and fitness. How? By putting Peak Optimization Performance into practice:

Peak – This is not an end goal, but a moving target. It’s about becoming the best version of yourself that is possible to achieve. It’s NOT about what someone else wants you to be.

Optimization and Performance – Only by looking at the entire person is it possible to formulate a nutrition and training program that will produce optimal results. Mike’s unique approach utilizes neurotype training to maximize results and improve performance, not just in the areas of nutrition and fitness, but in LIFE.

Ready For a Personal Neurotype Training Coach?

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