Free Personality Diet Test

1. When I'm in a group, I want to be the leader
2. When people tell me what to do it frustrates me and I tend to do things my own way
3. When I get angry it stays with me for a long time. I easily hold grudges.
4. Winning is everything: I have no problem playing dirty, doing whatever is necessary to win, the end justifies the means.
5. When I'm not the boss in a group, I tend to rebel against the leader or argue with him a lot
6. If I'm in a restaurant and the service is bad I will let the waiter know how I feel about his work
7. If I hear that someone has spread rumors about me or is talking behind my back I need to confront him as soon as possible; he will feel my wrath!
8. I'm aggressive behind the wheel when I'm driving. If you cut me off prepare to meet my best friend: the horn!
9. I have no tolerance for people who can't do what I asked them to do or who are late doing it.
10. I love to argue; I'm great at convincing people
11. I need to be the best at everything, even a game of Monopoly can turn into World War 3!
12. If I see a new opportunity I always take it, even if it might be too much for my capacities at the moment; I prefer to risk it. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
13. If I don't succeed right now or hit a stumbling block it just means I have to try harder. I know I will reach my goal.
14. I love talking about my accomplishments and realizations.
15. I love to take risks. Could be gambling, playing the market, doing extreme activities, driving fast, etc.
16. I quickly make up my mind and easily decide what to do. My decisions are often based on emotions.
17. I'm on or off. When I do something I go all out. I don't hold anything back. I give it all I've got, to the point of risking burning myself out.
18. Eating is one of life's greatest pleasure. I am a hardcore foodie: I love to eat.
19. I don't care about what others think of me. In fact I like to piss people off, to shock them!
20. I like conflicts. I'm at my best when they happen and I often create them myself so that I can shine.
21. I've always been fast and agile. Even when I was younger I was among the fastest in my class.
22. I easily learn new movements. I have good coordination and sports were always natural for me.
23. When I have to do a task I always want to do it as fast as I can. I hate it when things don't seem to move along.
24. I'm a good jumper and always enjoyed jumping. Even as a kid I would always want to jump around.
25. I have good balance/stability and coordination.
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