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What's Inside This EBook?
It's time to stop guessing and time to start implementing YOUR PLAN.

Nutrition for Your Neurotype helps you to...
  •  Understand why you are not currently seeing results
  • ​Learn why seemingly no diet has ever worked for you
  •  Understand your Neurotype and how it impacts your nutritional protocol
  • ​Create nutrition and lifestyle protocol designed around who you truly are
  •  End the the madness - finally see the results you have always desired
Nutrition For Your Neurotype...
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Nutrition For Your Neurotype...
Now For Only $97 - LIMITED TIME!
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Nutrition for your Neurotype Ebook ($97 Value)
The Complete Neurotyping Manual ($97 Value)
The Social Macro Tracking Guide Book ($47 Value)
Mind Over Macros Mindset eBook with Audio Files ($47 Value)
Grab Your Copy Of The ONLY Book Ever Written That can GUARANTEE Results...based on providing YOU with a plan built around who you truly are!
Packed full of science-based principles that have been perfected over several years and that have worked for tens of thousands of individuals just like you! With every page you turn...you will unlock more hidden potential.
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FINALLY! It's time to start seeing results!
No more frustration...no more guess work...no more program hopping...just real success created by a program built specifically FOR YOU!!
"I saw more results in just two months of Neurotyping than I had in the previous two years combined." - Mike Millner
Just sitting here thinking... I don't know where this has been my life, but this is such a positive experience for me! Thanks Mike Millner for putting this together!" 
 Billi B
"Soaking up all this great info! Thanks Mike for helping me become a beast. lol" 
Colleen S
"I'm so happy I signed up for this! Love the training and that Mike is giving us so much information and support!" 
Eva S
"I can't believe my eyes! What I see now after starting Neurotype training... magical things are happening here!" 
Betty N
"I really am enjoying this program and progress! Love all the info!" 
Kelly K
Dani L
"Your ridiculous knowledge and the way you teach people how to work on themselves is what makes you so good at what you do. I'm so excited to be on this journey!" 
Amy C
"If you would have told me I'd be benching 100lbs 8 weeks ago I would have laughed at you. Proud to say.. 100lbs is a little light now!" 
Tina N
"I am definitely getting stronger from Neurotype Training and super happy that my weight has gone down!" 
Jennifer G
Nutrition for Your Neurotype Helps You...
  • ​Find out what's really holding you back from your goals...
  • ​Create the Diet and Lifestyle YOU need...
  • ​Increase mental and physical performance...
  • ​Become more than just numbers on an app...
  • ​Stop endless searches on google... when you know what you really need to do, results fall into place.
Claim Your Squirrel Art Below...
Claim Your Squirrel Art Below...