Holiday Hustle 12 Week Neurotype Transformation Challenge

Don’t fear the holidays – feast on them!

LOOK BETTER AND FINALLY SEE RESULTS (even during the holiday season!)

Holiday Hustle

Enjoy your holidays while still making gains?with

The Holiday Hustle 12 Week Neurotype Transformation Challenge.

Truth ?

Program hopping is always a bad idea…doing it during the holidays can RUIN YOUR WHOLE YEAR!!!… 

But what if there was a program you actually WANTED TO DO, that provided the results you have been SEARCHING FOR!

Welcome to Holiday Hustle 12 Week Neurotype Transformation Challenge

12 Week Neurotype Challenge

Here’s something you need to know…

Your personality matters… A LOT. Sadly, it is the single most overlooked factor in nearly every fitness and nutrition program ever created. The result? You continuing to try program after program, only to end up more and more frustrated, and still left with zero results!
The simple truth is that WE NEED TO KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Once we understand your Neurotype and the way you’re wired, consistency becomes effortless.

You’re naturally more motivated. You FEEL better each day. You get to show up as the best version of yourself. And the results follow.

(Now…what about the elusive balance between getting results and having a life?)

Well, when I asked YOU what your biggest struggle is when it comes to the Holiday season, here’s what you said… 

Are you going to allow that to be your reality for yet another year?


Or are you ready to do it differently this time?

Real talk…

The industry actually WANTS you to fall into that same trap. It’s how they capitalize on your hard earned dollars.

It goes something like this: you’re ready to make a change.
You see some “too good to be true” program that hits on your emotional vulnerability and insecurities.
You sign up.. Enthused and excited to finally be the fit and healthy version of you that you’ve dreamt about for years!

You receive your rules. Eat this, don’t eat that. Only eat during these hours of the day. 5 days of consistency isn’t good enough, we need you dialed in 7 days a week!

It’s ok.. You got this! One week in and you’re doing great…

Then, it’s time to get the family together for a little holiday celebration.

Shit.. this isn’t part of the plan!

That’s when the anxiety hits. It’s all good, you think, no one will notice that I’m not eating anything there. (Secretly praying that you can hold out long enough to eat your “diet food” once everyone is gone.)

But damn pie looks too freakin’ good!


OK OK – Just one bite and that’s it. (Famous last words.)

Insert spiral downward.

Self restraint – gone.

Guilt – abundantly present.

Shame – yup, she’s there too.

Failure – the feeling of the day.

But here’s the part that breaks my heart… You actually blame YOURSELF for not being consistent enough.

And as a result, you end up joining the next program that ends in the same twisted fate – all while the diet industry keeps laughing all the way to the bank.

How do I know this? Because that example is ME.

Not just once or twice… That example is me for years and years. To the tune of THOUSANDS (probably tens of thousands) of dollars.Holiday Hustle Before and After

But Mike, aren’t you part of the industry now? Why should I believe this is different?

Great question! Here’s what I’ll tell you…

We’re not going to make outlandish promises and have you follow a strict set of rules that set you up for failure.

You’ve been through that enough times.

In fact, you’ve probably done that so many times that you actually EXPECT to fail before you even start and likely don’t even realize it. 

Yes, self sabotage is real!

So what we’re going to do is learn about you as an individual, factor in the context of your life, incorporate those holiday meals and social situations as PART of your plan, improve your mindset along the way, and allow you to be imperfectly YOU while you continue to make progress.

What does that look like for you?? I honestly can’t answer that. Because we don’t know you, yet.

I know, it’s not as exciting as “just do this and lose weight FAST!” But we know where that got you.. Right here.. Reading this.

The blueprint for you is going to be largely determined by… YOU. 

What do you actually want? What do you value? What are the things that are meaningful in your life? What is your personality like? What are your mindset hurdles? What foods do you love? What is your body telling us? 

You see… The single mistake that is repeatedly made in the fitness industry today is the complete disregard for CONTEXT.

You are not a number or data point.

You are not a research study.

You are not your neighbor, or friend, or family member who had success on XYZ program. 

Here’s the only thing I can promise you…

We are going to create a plan based around who you are as an individual, the context of your life, your personal preferences, what your body responds best to, and include space for the things you enjoy in life.. Whether that’s being social, dining out with the family, or just wanting to know that your holiday meals aren’t going to derail your progress.

In fact, we are going to use those holiday meals to your advantage! They will be a part of your plan to propel you forward so you no longer have to stress about being “perfect” or avoiding dessert or wondering how to log alcohol. 

It can actually be that simple.

Holiday Hustle 12 Week Neurotype Transformation Challenge

Are you ready to create more Results in 12 Weeks than you have in the last 12 months?

Holiday Hustle
Holiday Hustle Before and After
Holiday Hustle Before and After

Here’s what we’re going to provide you over the next 12 weeks…

  • A dedicated coach who will get to know you, work with you through the process, and provide guidance and accountability.
  • 24/7 text support so all your questions get answered!
  • A personality assessment if you haven’t already taken one.
  • 36 weeks of training based on your Neurotype (personality profile) with training phases based on your goals
  • Free enrollment into our Mindset Masterclass (this is arguably the most valuable part of the process)
  • Weekly educational video series (education is a pillar of long term success)
  • A community of individuals who are striving to become the best version of themselves (we polled our group of over 200 participants in the last Neurotype group and asked what their favorite part was. The overwhelming majority answered: The Community!)
  • Unannounced bonuses: I’ve got a reputation to uphold. I am known for delivering more value than advertised and that’s not going to stop anytime soon! 

Your success is guaranteed.

How can I say that? 

Because our Summer Neurotype group did a survey after their 12 weeks was over. And 100% of them said that they made significant mindset progress that left them in a much better spot when the challenge was over!

Check Out How Neurtyping Has Helped Others!

(Hint: It can do the same for YOU too!)

Understanding your Neurotupe is the Missing Link You’ve Been Searching For… ?

Can I be honest for a moment…

Yes, the physical results were cool too. But honestly, the reason why I HATE most challenges is because most challenges leave you in a WORSE spot than before you started.

They are strict and unrealistic. They don’t educate, they dictate. And when the challenge is over, you flip into rebel mode. 

The first couple of years of my nutrition journey went exactly like that. I did challenge after challenge and ended up fatter, unhappier, and more frustrated than ever.

It wasn’t all bad though because it taught me exactly what NOT to do. So when I receive those surveys from our last group and 100% of them say they ended up in a better spot than when they started.. That literally fills my cup more than you could ever imagine.

We believe mindset and physical transformations go hand in hand. In fact, we put more emphasis on the mindset side of things and allow the physical results to become an effortless side effect of that.

The truth is that mindset is limiting factor for most people. So we address that head on.

We even gave away a brand new Apple Watch to our Summer challenge winner because her mindset transformation brought us to tears.

That is the IMPACT we are creating. That is the POWER of Neurotyping. 

It’s built for YOU, based on who YOU are, and what YOU respond best to.

Here’s a reminder of what you’ll be getting during the Holiday Hustle.The Holiday Hustle

12 Week Neurotype Challenge Based on YOUR Goals…
Choose from:

? Fat Loss
?️‍♂️ Lean Gains
?‍♂️ Maintenance


? Dedicated coach to help you implement Neurotyping protocols based on YOUR life ($684 value)
? 24/7 text support
? 36 weeks of training for your Neurotype ($1300 value)
? Free enrollment to the mindset mastery course ($397 value)
? Learn how to use your Holiday meals to your advantage so they become a part of your plan to propel you forward, rather than being a source of stress (PRICELESS)

? Plus, if you know me, you know that my favorite part is releasing some unannounced bonuses throughout the process!

✅ Over $2500 value for only $47/wk!!!

Do me a favor for one second…

Imagine what your life would be like if you didn’t have to stress about holiday meals.

Imagine spending time with the family and not worrying about whether you’re “on plan.”

Imagine being social and enjoying life without feeling like you’re failing on your fitness goals.

Feels pretty good right?

Now I want you to imagine what your life would be like if you didn’t have to hop from program to program all the time.

Imagine having the understanding of what actually works best for YOU as an individual. 

Imagine having a dedicated coach, community of support, and all the tools you need to APPLY those things.

And the best part… because this will all be based on your personality, the context of your life, what your body responds best to, and your goals… it will feel more natural and more effortless than anything else you’ve done in the past!

That doesn’t mean you don’t have to work for it. But the work will be enjoyable! The work will feel WORTH it. The work will feel like it’s exactly what you want to be doing!


✅ Your Neurotype.

✅ Your goals.

✅ Your lifestyle.

✅ Your values. 

✅ Combined with our coaching.

✅ Our support.

✅ Our education.



It’s time to understand that you are an individual and your success will not be found in another cookie cutter program.

It’s time to embrace who you are as a person and allow us to utilize that uniqueness to create your results.

It’s time to end the frustration.