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416: Coaches Compass: Atypical Sales & Objection Handling

In this episode of Coaches Compass, Mike discusses his entire philosophy on sales and objection handling which is counter to what is commonly taught. Rather than learning to be a master at objection handling, it's easier and more effective to reduce the number of...

415: This Life Hack Creates Epic Results

In this episode, Mike discusses an important life hack or life skill that allows you to create greater results. Not only that, but implementing this tactic will move you closer to the things that are most important to you. This is about getting exactly what you want...

Consistency and Lifestyle Changes = Lasting Results

Consistency and Lifestyle Changes = Lasting Results

If you're frustrated by your lack of results or how slowly progress seems to be happening ... It's probably because you're not consistent enough. Ouch, though. You may be cursing me out right now and that's fine with me. I've made a shift in my life over the past...