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175: Common Fitness Misconceptions

In this episode, Mike discusses some of the most common fitness misconceptions. Sometimes what we think is the problem.. is not actually the problem. So we blame ourselves and focus our efforts on the wrong things. It's time to clear the air!Click here to apply...

174: How To Avoid Weight Regain

In this episode, Mike discusses how to lose weight and keep it off for good. What are some of the common mistakes people make when losing weight that leads to the vast majority of people gaining it all back? How can we avoid those common pitfalls? Find out in this...

How to Have Better Sex

How to Have Better Sex

Want to have better sex? I figure this is a timely topic since someone got all hot and bothered by my use of the F word yesterday lol. And, as a side note, fuck is the greatest word in the English language and it's not even close. That's a scientific fact. Being...