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413: Coaches Compass: Navigating Imposter Syndrome

In this episode of Coaches Compass, Mike discusses imposter syndrome. This is not just exclusive to coaches but can apply in many situations. We often compare ourselves or feel like we're not good enough in certain situations. Feeling like an imposter is...

The Real Key to Looking Better Naked

The Real Key to Looking Better Naked

Sometimes it's truly about looking better naked. And that's ok. Aesthetic goals or vanity goals are perfectly fine and valid. Don't let anyone make you feel like achieving the physical appearance that you desire for your body is wrong. The problem is ... no one wants...

412: Top 10 Dieting Mistakes

In this episode, Mike discusses the top 10 dieting mistakes that most people make. This is a helpful breakdown so you can avoid these mistakes for yourself and make the most out of your dieting phase. Some of the answers might surprise you! Give this episode a listen...