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590: Coaches Compass: The Rise & Fall of My Business

In this episode of the Coaches Compass, Mike shares his story of scaling his business very quickly, only to watch it all come crumbling down. What made it collapse? How did he rebuild? Tune in to find out! Hair XT is offering 20% off their amazing products to help...

589: Fasting & Fear of Carbs

In this episode, Mike explains who should be fasting and who should not be fasting. Are there benefits to short term fasts vs long term fasts? Then, he gets into the narrative that carbs make you fat and should be avoided. Is there any merit to this idea? Tune in to...

588: Fat Loss for Women

In this episode, Mike calls BS on marketing tactics that make it sound like women need some kind of special plan, supplement, or even protein sources. He explains where there may be differences based on the individual and when it's just purely a marketing...