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411: Building an Unbreakable Foundation

In this episode, Mike discusses the process of being unaffected by overindulging or social events. Many people assume that they have to choose between being fit or being social. And they don't think that both can exist simultaneously. The common perception is...

410: Coaches Compass: Content Creation Made Simple

In this episode of the Coaches Compass, Mike simplifies the process of creating content that attracts the audience that you want to serve. Many coaches get paralyzed by content creation. They don't know what to say or what to write. This episode will give you a...

409: How to Lose Your Next 10 Pounds

In this episode, Mike explains the mindset and execution of losing your next 10 lbs of fat. This is coming from the perspective of his latest fat loss phase and the importance of keeping it short and to the point. There are some important lessons when it comes to...