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374: The Struggle is Real

In this episode, Mike shares his own personal struggles and why making a change is so difficult. He opens up about a lot of the feelings he dealt with while going through his chronic dieting cycles and some of the difficulties he faces currently. Why is change always...

373: Work On Your Game with Dre Baldwin

In this episode, Mike is joined by Dre Baldwin who shares his formula for "working on your game" which will immediately help you improve any area of your life. Dre went from a division 3 college basketball player to having a successful pro career overseas and then...

372: Use This “Hack” To Reach Your Goals Faster

In this episode, Mike discusses one of the fastest ways to expedite your results. This concept has been tested and re-tested in several different ways and the outcome is always the same. It truly seems to be one of the only "hacks" to shortcutting the goal achievement...