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563: Coaches Compass: Answer These 4 Questions

In this episode of the Coaches Compass, Mike explains the 4 questions that must be answered for your prospects at every step of the funnel to move them through the customer journey. If these questions aren't answered, it will lead to lack of clarity and lack of...

562: The Simplest Solution to Your Dream Body

In this episode, Mike explains the simplest solution to making progress towards your goals. There's a very specific reason why we tend to make things more complicated than they need to be. It's because of a concept called Complexity Bias. Which is often the...

561: Understanding Behavior Change with Kate Solovieva

In this episode, Mike is joined by Kate Solovieva who explains the process of behavior change and why it's so difficult. This conversation will truly help to illuminate the barriers we face when wanting to make a change and will teach you some tools and exercises...