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311: Commentary on Roe v Wade (But Mostly Fitness Stuff)

In this episode, Mike touches on a sensitive subject, so if that's difficult for you to hear... it may be best to skip this episode. After sharing his perspective on the recent Supreme Court decision, Mike shifts the episode to a fitness related topic. The way...

310: Should You Hire a Coach? with JK McLeod

In this episode, Mike is joined by JK McLeod and the two discuss the value of coaching. They explore who should hire a coach and who should maybe think twice before joining a coaching program. They also discuss the difference between a training template and true 1 on...

The Dirty Little Secret About Fat Loss

The Dirty Little Secret About Fat Loss

The dirty little secret about fat loss that no one tells you ... First of all, fat loss is a personal goal that you don't have to want. And if you do want it, you don't have to feel bad about wanting it. Don't let anyone tell you what your goals "should" be. You want...