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552: The Truth About Fear of Failure

In this episode, Mike breaks down fear of failure and what it actually means. A lot of us hold ourselves back due to fear of failure but once you understand what is happening inside of your mind, you're able to overcome quite simply. There is a process you can go...

551: Coaches Compass: Low Ticket is Winning

In this episode of the Coaches Compass, Mike explains why low ticket offers are crushing high ticket right now and what to do about it. This is simply a natural cycle but it's worth paying attention to because it this will happen again. Understanding how to adapt...

550: Weight Loss Injections Revisited

In this episode, Mike revisits the conversation about weight loss injections like Ozempic and Wegovy. What are some of the things to consider before taking weight loss medications? What do we know from research? What do we still have to learn? What are the potential...