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302: Tracking Macros & Disordered Eating

In this episode, Mike has a discussion around tracking macros / counting calories and disordered eating. Is there a correlation between monitoring and tracking your intake and disordered eating or obsessive tendencies. There are a lot of individuals that find tracking...

301: Eating 1200 Calories and Not Losing Weight

In this episode, Mike discusses the frustration of eating 1200 calories or less and not losing weight. Many studies show that, on average, individuals under report their intake by up to 50%. But is that the full story? While it's important to have awareness...

The Choice That Changes Everything

The Choice That Changes Everything

The power of CHOICE. This may be the most important message I've ever written. Often times, you'll see me insert a cheeky conclusion when I communicate something. For example, I've been known to outline the exact process that we use with our clients to produce...