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Better Health Includes More Than You Think

Better Health Includes More Than You Think

We are living in strange times for sure. Normally, right about now there's a large percentage of people who are trying to get "beach ready" while also balancing the constant flow of BBQs, summer vacations, and social events. 2020 had other ideas. Maybe this has...

Are You Seeking Dietary Freedom?

Are You Seeking Dietary Freedom?

Would you take 12 lbs. down and dietary freedom in 3 years? Serious question. If you asked me that about 10 years ago, I would have said hell no. Interestingly enough, it took me almost 10 years to finally achieve dietary freedom. So, that 3 year offer would have been...

Are You Truly COMMITTED to Your Goals?

Are You Truly COMMITTED to Your Goals?

Are you interested ... or are you COMMITTED?? I'm usually not one for rah rah, motivational quotes or content. Reason being, it typically has a very temporary impact. It can be beneficial to get all hyped before trying to set a PR ... But, that hype feeling is not...

Neurotype Frequently Asked Questions

MIKE MILLNER, Owner of Peak Optimization Performance

NASM, CPT, FNS, PN Level 1, NCI Level 1, Certified Neurotyping Coach

When it comes to coaching with Peak Optimization Performance, I am able to bring all of the right qualifications to my clients, but what I bring first and foremost is the passion, drive and innate ability to make everyone around me the best version of themselves.

For me, connecting with you and understanding where you’re at in your journey is the most important thing. Personally, I have been on every end of the spectrum when it comes to dieting and everywhere in between. I’ve been ashamed, insecure, and overweight. I’ve been orthorexic, skinny fat, and embarrassed to step foot in the gym. And I’ve come out the other side into a place of balance and harmony.

My goal is to help you navigate your journey in a way that’s sustainable and enjoyable for your life. And to help you avoid the same pitfalls that I stumbled through.

I believe in a truly individual approach which means looking into your lifestyle, habits, personality type, goals, and mindset to make the process as effective as possible! I look forward to working with you.