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Why Should I Train Based On My Neurotype?

From a physiological standpoint, the stress response from training will be lessened when you train with your nature, making recovery more efficient, and results easier to come by.

From a psychological standpoint, you will enjoy your training more, be more motivated to train, have more focus during each session, and see the consistency that you’ve been searching for.

Have you ever started a training program because your spouse, friend, sister, brother, or co-worker was doing it and getting amazing results? Ever try that program, hate it and quit after just a week or two? Ever start a diet that worked for someone else, hate it and quit after just a week or two. You likely blamed yourself for not being able to “stick to anything.” You may have asked yourself “WHY am I this way?!”

The benefits of Neurotyping

The Neurotyping system will provide you the answers to the questions of why you are the way you are, and why the latest and hottest training or nutrition program may not be a good fit for you.

Understanding the connection between neurotransmitters and personality traits will provide those answers through increased self-awareness that has lead hundreds of our clients down a path of self-discovery and self-growth.

You will make progress faster than ever before because you will be working WITH your nature instead of against it. And perhaps most importantly, understanding your personality type and applying it will give you a new, or renewed, sense of confidence that can impact all areas of your life.

Training For Your Neurotype

Training For Your Neurotype
No more frustration…no more guess work…no more program hopping…just real success created by a program built specifically for you!

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Find Your Neurotype

MIKE MILLNER, Owner of Peak Optimization Performance

NASM, CPT, FNS, PN Level 1, NCI Level 1, Hormone Specialist, Mindset Specialist,Certified Neurotyping Coach

When it comes to coaching with Peak Optimization Performance, I am able to bring all of the right qualifications to my clients, but what I bring first and foremost is the passion, drive and innate ability to make everyone around me the best version of themselves.

For me, connecting with you and understanding where you’re at in your journey is the most important thing. Personally, I have been on every end of the spectrum when it comes to dieting and everywhere in between. I’ve been ashamed, insecure, and overweight. I’ve been orthorexic, skinny fat, and embarrassed to step foot in the gym. And I’ve come out the other side into a place of balance and harmony.

My goal is to help you navigate your journey in a way that’s sustainable and enjoyable for your life. And to help you avoid the same pitfalls that I stumbled through.

I believe in a truly individual approach which means looking into your lifestyle, habits, personality type, goals, and mindset to make the process as effective as possible! I look forward to working with you.

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