10 Controversial Fitness and Nutrition Beliefs

by | Mar 3, 2023

Eating a vegan diet is the worst thing you can do for your health.

Do I have your attention?

I was playing around with AI this morning and I asked Chat GPT for the most controversial topics in the fitness and nutrition industry.

Let’s have a battle between me and AI.

I’ll go first.

My top 5 most controversial beliefs with regards to fitness and nutrition are …

1. Eat less, move more is the worst fat loss advice that is over prescribed and wildly ineffective.

2. Cardio sucks for body composition improvements.

3. 99% of hormonal issues can be resolved with diet, training, and lifestyle changes.

4. Optavia is a glorified eating disorder.

5. Most people who say they can’t afford coaching have more of a prioritization issue than anything else. And, most people who say they don’t have time to train or eat healthy probably waste time scrolling social media and watching Netflix.

The real controversy is that earlier this week I opened up our newest coaching program called POP Essentials at 50% off the first month.

$73.50 to get started and you can cancel anytime. We got well over 150 replies from people saying they were interested.

We have 70 spots filled (and we are capping it at 75).

That means that over half of those people say that they want something and then do nothing about it. And I’m guessing those same people will complain about “nothing working” for them.

Is it that nothing works? Or is it that you can’t seem to get out of your own way?

How’s that for controversy. 😉

Other controversial beliefs in the fitness and nutrition industry

Ok, now let’s see what Chat GPT came up with …

1. Dietary supplements and weight loss products are often promoted as safe and effective but can frequently come with negative side effects.

2. There is a lot of debate about whether carbohydrates are essential for good health and many believe a low-carbohydrate diet is superior for weight loss but that might not be the case.

3. Veganism and vegetarianism are often considered the healthiest option but a diet consisting of animal products as well as various fruits and vegetables may be better for optimal health and fitness.

4. Many believe that genetics play a significant role in determining body weight and composition but there’s a large component of personal responsibility at play.

5. Some people argue that social media can have a positive influence on healthy living but it can also promote unrealistic body standards and contribute to negative body image and eating disorders.

Are these really controversial topics?

Where’s the controversy?

I think I win.

Of course weight loss products have negative side effects (sorry ozempic). Carbs absolutely contribute to optimal health and fitness. Veganism leaves lots of holes in the pursuit of optimal health. Genetics load the gun, your behaviors and habits pull the trigger. And social media is a breeding ground for unrealistic standards and the comparison trap.

I’m not seeing the controversy lol.

I’m also open minded and I love challenging my existing beliefs.

Am I missing something?

Are those actually controversial positions and I’m just not seeing it?

Help me understand.

Who won this round in the battle of human vs. AI?

For what it’s worth … my first line was to provide the shock factor and set the tone for the topic of controversy. I don’t actually believe eating a vegan diet is the worst thing you can do for your health.

Literally anything is superior than the standard American diet. I do, however, believe that it’s far from optimal. But I also believe in personal preference and choice.

That’s another way of saying … do you.

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