Calories Don’t Matter … In the Way You Think They Do

by | Apr 15, 2021

The magic is not in the numbers.

If you pay attention to most nutritional gurus, it won’t take long until you hear them discussing calories in vs. calories out.

Which is fine.

But, it paints a murky picture.

Their school of thought is this:

If a calorie deficit is needed for weight loss (which it is) …

And the most accurate way to figure out your total calorie consumption each day is by tracking (which it is) …

Then, the formula should be simple. Track your calories, eat in a deficit, and live happily ever after (not so fast).

There are several fundamental flaws with this approach.

What’s wrong with tracking calories?

For starters, it’s an imperfect equation that is dynamic, not static.

In other words, the calories you consume influence the calories you burn and vice versa.

So, you’re always chasing a moving target.

Second, it’s unreasonable to perfectly track every single calorie consumed.

Assuming you’re not competing and, ya know, you actually want a life.

Third, you can’t just live in a calorie deficit for months on end and continue to make progress.

This may be shocking … but your body doesn’t enjoy being under stress 24/7/365.

Lastly, the numbers may throw consistency way off.

For example, you can adhere to a deficit for a short period of time but then it’s followed up with periods of over indulging.

I hear this all the time … “I way under eat. I’m so busy I just don’t have time to eat. Well … except for on the weekends when we typically order in or dine out. And, some week nights we’ll do the same. Oh, and last night I binged on a box of cookies … but yeah … I’m a big time under eater.”

The magic is NOT in the numbers.

I can assure you that a random formula is not going to solve your fat loss problems.

The magic is in the approach. The method.

Consistency is the key

You know what works every single time?


Not perfection.

But, overall consistency for a long ass period of time.

Consistency that includes dining out.

Consistency that includes not tracking sometimes (or all of the time depending on the person).

Consistency that includes not dieting.

Consistency that includes eating way more than 1200 calories.

Consistency that includes a sustainable approach that suits your lifestyle.

Many of the issues with inconsistency stem from under eating.

How can you tell if you’re under eating?

Some quick signs that you’re under eating:
-Low energy
-Low sex drive
-Brain fog
-Poor sleep
-Loss of strength
-Under recovered
-Lack of control around food
-Stress eating

This is why it’s not a numbers or an equation problem.

It’s an approach or method problem.

Why do you think we start every single individual out with a metabolic priming phase?

Because we want to ensure their results and coming from a place of fueling appropriately is pretty damn important.

When it comes to consistency, nothing is more effective than eating in a way that aligns with your personality. That means in terms of overall plan structure, macro ratios, food choices, and even meal timing.

Lifestyle integration is also necessary when it comes to long term success. You can keep trying to restrict the things you love, but I’m guessing you’ve been down that road unsuccessfully many times.

And lastly … listen to your damn body! All of those signs above should not be ignored. Your body will tell you what’s going on and it’s your job to listen.

Or, even better, have an objective expert help you listen and guide you through the process.

That’s what we do and that’s why the POP Method is so effective.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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