Delay Gratification in Your Results & Guarantee Success!

by | Dec 9, 2022

“What looks like success is often just patience.”

I read that quote yesterday and it hit me at just the right time.

The single greatest indicator for success is the ability to delay gratification.

And yet, I’m the most impatient person in the world lol.

But I actually think that plays to my advantage.

So here I am, not even 6 lines into this blog and already contradicting myself.

How can delayed gratification be the greatest predictor for success at the same time that I believe my impatience is a strength?

Because most things in life are nuanced.

And I love to explain some nuance.

So buckle up.

The ability to delay gratification does NOT mean delaying action.

Major difference there.

Delaying gratification means you keep working regardless of the outcome.

You remove the conditions.

For example, I’m only going to eat well and move my body IF the scale goes down.

If the scale doesn’t move … then fuck this, why even bother.

That mindset fits firmly in the instant gratification trap that keeps a lot of people stuck.

Now, my impatience certainly rears its ugly head when it comes to results.

When I start something, I like to move quickly and I don’t like waiting for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

However, I don’t give up when it’s not instantaneous.

The reason why impatience CAN be an asset … is because inaction is literally the kryptonite for your results.

The only true way to guarantee that you remain stuck and frustrated is to do nothing.

Or to keep doing the same thing that landed you in that place to begin with which, in my opinion, is the same as inaction.

When I was deep in my chronic dieting days, I used to start a new program and expect results right away.

So my impatience certainly had a negative side to it.

However, it also kept me in the constant search for what would work.

I never stopped taking action.

I never thought … well, I tried, oh well, I guess being fit just isn’t for me.

Actually, I probably had those thoughts a bunch but I never let them dictate my actions.

My impatience kept me DOING.

And I’ll take imperfect action over paralysis by analysis any day of the week.

Many people agonize about making the “right” decision.

Which often leads them to make no decision at all.

When in reality, the “wrong” decision can be really effective as well because it can quickly show you what not to do and point you in the right direction with even more awareness.

Have you ever felt like … “I just don’t even know where to start?”

I hear that line at least 3-4x/week.

It’s something that people say when they think they need to figure it all out right now.

Rather than taking one simple step.

Be impatient with your pursuit. Not with your results.

That’s the nuance to all of this.

Consider the amount of time you’ve wasted by waiting for the “right” decision …

Or waiting to “know where to start.”

Or waiting for the fear of uncertainty to dissipate.

That’s a whole lotta time that could’ve been spent taking action and figuring things out.

The time you waste may not seem like a big deal at first … but the hours add up to days, the days add up to weeks, the weeks add up to months, the months add up to years, and the years add up to a lifetime.

I had a conversation with someone yesterday who joined our 1:1 coaching program.

I asked her what made her finally take that step forward and she said …

“I just turned 40 and milestone birthdays make you reflect. I thought back at how long I’ve been trying to do this on my own and couldn’t believe how long it’s been. I deserve this.”

The time adds up and you often don’t even realize it until life gives you a wake up call.

Guarantee your success by learning how to delay gratification.

Almost every single person that reaches out to me for help tells me that they’ve been wanting to reach out for a while and just couldn’t get themselves to do it.

They convince themselves that there’s such thing as “ready.”

After they get started with our program, the most common thing I hear is … “OMG Mike, why didn’t I start this sooner?!”

To which I reply … “better late than never.”

Even though I want to say … I’ve been trying to tell you! lol.

So maybe you need me to say it again …

Take action now.

The time you waste will never come back to you.

It’s gone forever.

The good news is … you don’t have to waste any more of it.

You can make the decision right now to take action, be impatient in your pursuit, and delay gratification in your results.

Which will guarantee your success.

And yes, I absolutely can and will guarantee your success.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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