Dieting All Year Won’t Make Losing Fat Easier

by | Sep 14, 2022

We’re over 9 months into the year … and how many of those months have you spent dieting and trying to lose weight?

7? 8? 9? I’m guessing those are the most common answers.

If that’s the case, it’s the exact reason you’re not where you want to be right now.

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Is dieting making it harder for you to lose fat?

Anyway, let’s talk about how dieting all year is making it more difficult for you to lose fat and keep it off.

I’m guessing you started the year on a diet. And when I say “on a diet” I simply mean eating with the intent of losing weight.

You know, January is that special time of year where everyone is feeling the after effect of the holidays and wants to drop some pounds.

I’m guessing that was an up and down roller coaster ride that lasted until March.

Then, in April, you started to realize that you’re still uncomfortable with how you look and the summer months were about to hit.

So you tried to get leaner for the summer.

When summer actually rolled around, you still weren’t where you wanted to be but you had a brief period of not doing anything about it since, you know, summer vacations, BBQs, and social events were seemingly every weekend.

Next up was back to school.

Racing around trying to get everything in order.

The kids are finally back and then reality settles in …

Is year round dieting getting you the results you want?

Shit … I still don’t like how my clothes fit, I still don’t look the way I want, and I still haven’t figured out how to lose this weight and keep it off for good.

September is another major dieting month for most.

The holidays will approach faster than you realize and before you know it … the cycle will start over again in January.

Sound familiar?

I thought so.

It’s the exact reason why I have such a hard time with the whole “just eat in a calorie deficit” crowd.

Most people try to eat in a calorie deficit year round. Most people are unsuccessful. And then most people beat themselves up and start the process all over again.


It’s time for a new approach.

At what point do we realize that conventional wisdom is not working and it’s time for a new approach?

At what point do we connect the dots that trying to diet all the time is the exact reason why fat loss is more difficult?

Let’s just say that life was all smooth sailing and there were no hurdles or roadblocks to navigate.

You didn’t have to worry about anything and you could simply nail your calorie deficit for the entire year.

You know what would happen?

Sure, you’d lose some weight. But you’d also lower your metabolic rate, would have no energy, would lose your sex drive, would be hungry all the time until you eventually lose your hunger signal, you would have no cycle, and you’d struggle with motivation, focus, and mood.

Sounds like a hoot!

Intentionally dieting (aka eating with the objective of losing weight) should be done in short spurts.

A lot of our clients wanted to lose fat to start the year. Like I said, it’s super common after the holidays and the new year feels like a fresh start.

But we’re not going to push their dieting phase more than 12 weeks (for the most part. There may be exceptions when we implement things like refeeds and diet breaks).

So that’s Jan – March. Then, we get them back to maintenance and homeostatic balance. You know what that looks like?

It looks like more food, more energy, more strength, better recovery, more focus, improved sleep, and learning how to sustain the initial results we created.

That process can take around 3 months (once again, this depends on the individual, but your body decides how long it takes so don’t ask for an exact timeline).

So that’s April – June.

During the summer, most of our clients wanted to enjoy themselves so we practiced flexibility and maintenance.

July and August presented opportunities to solidify the lifestyle approach that we teach.

Now, many of our clients want to head into another dieting / fat loss phase.

Back in their school year routine and ready to make it happen.

Which means they’ve dieted for 3 months so far this year and have been priming and improving their metabolism and learning how to sustain their results for 6 months.

You know how easily they’ll lose fat?

It’ll feel like a walk in the park.

Learn how to phase things appropriately and you’ll see lasting results.

They won’t have to restrict or deprive themselves because they’ve been eating an adequate amount.

They won’t have to overhaul their lives because they’ve been developing habits and routines that support their goals.

They won’t have to worry about suffering because they have a coach to monitor biofeedback and see exactly how their body is responding.

It’ll be quick and efficient.

Then, they’ll go right back to working on maintenance and solidifying those new results through the holidays.

If I were you, I’d do something very similar.

I’d stop dieting all the damn time and start learning how to phase things appropriately so your results will last.

Personally, I’d also stop trying to do it all on my own.

Personalized nutrition coaching for the ultimate results

I’d invest in a proven process that is completely designed for me.

Our signature 1:1 coaching program begins with our Neurotyping principles so we can match the best training and nutrition plan to your nature. It helps if we can start the process by ensuring you feel your best and doing it this way also helps with mitigating stress.

Then, we prime your metabolism so that losing body fat and getting leaner isn’t such an uphill battle. Your body shouldn’t fight against you during this process. We need to work with it and that’s exactly what we do.

Lastly, we insert our Lifestyle Integration process so you know exactly how to live your life and enjoy yourself while achieving your goals and maintaining your results.

On average, our clients lose 20-30 lbs. in 6 months while feeling total confidence and freedom in maintaining those results forever or pursuing additional goals.

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