Do Something Different – Enough Is Enough!

by | Jan 8, 2023

If not now, then when??

Seriously, at what point is enough, enough?

When is it time to do something different?

If you’ve been struggling with losing and gaining weight over and over again for the last 10, 20, or 30 years … aren’t you tired of it?

If you’ve been frustrated because no matter what you try you can’t seem to make consistent progress that feels sustainable … aren’t you sick of it?

If you want nothing more than to stand naked in the mirror and love what you see … aren’t you ready to make that happen?

Sometimes, I just don’t get it.

I can feel the pain and frustration that permeates through every cell in your body.

I can hear the internal conversations that you have with yourself about how you just need to get your shit together.

I can see the way you fantasize about how much better you’d feel and happier you’d be if you just dropped the weight for good.

Unfortunately, thinking and agonizing and hoping and fantasizing don’t actually create change.

You have to DO something different.

Let me ask you this …

When you’re on your death bed and you realize that your time is about to be up …

Are you going to look back at this moment and think … I’m so grateful I didn’t invest in myself and truly make the change I wanted to.

Are you going to think … thank god I didn’t spend that $3k to get the help I needed (yes, our coaching program is $3k).

Or … is it more likely that you’ll be forever grateful that you did make the investment and that you did make the commitment because it allowed you to live your life more vibrantly?

It allowed you to live longer. To set a better example for your kids. To finally have freedom around food. To finally feel confident in the way you look. And to finally remove the stress and mental frustration that years of dieting created.

If not now, then when?

How many more years need to pass by? How many more decades?

Most people don’t make a change until their life flashes before their eyes.

Don’t be like most people.

You do not have to accept being stuck as your reality.

You do not have to be frustrated by your lack of progress. You do not have to accept the feeling that nothing works for you.

You can make a change.

We’ve helped thousands of other individuals make the exact change that you’re looking to make.

The biggest difference is … they weren’t willing to be frustrated and stressed for a single moment longer.

They weren’t willing to sacrifice more time without making progress.

They were fed up and drew a line in the sand and said today is the day. I’m doing this for me. I’m doing this for future me. And I’m doing this for my family.

You have that exact same opportunity.

Once you take that step, the only question you’ll wonder is … why the hell didn’t I do that sooner.

You don’t have to take my word for it. You can see for yourself.

If I’m wrong, and you tell me I’m wrong, I’ll gladly make it right.

I want this for you.

I know how beneficial it will be.

I know how much better you’ll feel.

But it doesn’t matter what I know. It doesn’t matter how many success stories I’ve seen.

It still pains me knowing that you are right on the verge of taking that leap but you just can’t get yourself to jump.

If you need a sign, here it is … jump.

If not now … WHEN?

When is enough, enough?

How much more time are you willing to sacrifice?

Doesn’t the future version of you deserve better?

Doesn’t your family deserve better?

Don’t you deserve better right in this moment?

I’ve been known to be the wake up call that you never knew you needed.

I don’t think that’s accurate. I think you know you need it.

Let me be the wake up call to actually DO it.

There will never, in the entirety of your life, be a better time than right now.

You want a sure-fire way to remain stuck and frustrated …

Put things off until later. Say you’ll do it tomorrow. Wait for the right time.

You want success …

Do it now.

If this message hits home, don’t just think about it … do something different and do something about it!

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