Do This and Watch Your Results Take Off!

by | Jul 9, 2021

“When was the last time I just ate a cupcake and didn’t think twice about it?”

That was a message sent to me after reading one of my posts on IG.

Probably this one.

What are your thoughts around food?

Anyway, can you answer that question for yourself?

Are you able to just eat … anything … like a cupcake, cookie, chips, pizza, or whatever?

Fully enjoy it … and not think twice?

No guilt.

No shame.

No anxiety about your results.

No thoughts about whether you need to make up for it later.

Just straight up appreciate the deliciousness of what you put in your mouth without second guessing it.

It’s ok if you can’t.

The person that messaged me said she’s never been able to do that in her entire adult life.

Which, unfortunately, is more common than not.

Your thoughts around food may have originated a long time ago.

It starts from a seemingly harmless place.

For me, it was a challenge that I did many years ago that had a “good vs. bad” food list.

The seed was planted.

And each successive diet after that just watered that seed until it grew into full blown orthorexia and disordered thoughts around food.

For the woman I spoke with, it started when she was younger and her mom feared that she would end up being fat because of their family history. So, she encouraged her to avoid certain foods.

It can hit you when you least expect it.

Or, it can be instilled in you repeatedly from a young age.

The question is … once we’re aware of the issue … how do we fix it?

This is truly the glue that holds everything together when it comes to sustainable results.

If you can’t fix your thoughts and mindset around food …

You’ll either never maintain your results …

Or you’ll be miserable getting there.

It’s why our coaching so heavily emphasizes this part of the equation.

The best way to describe it is immersion therapy.

Giving yourself permission to eat … anything, at any time, in any amounts.

Like any fundamental change, it takes reps, patience, and commitment.

So, it won’t feel natural at first.

But over time, those thoughts and feelings of guilt, shame, and anxiety will dissipate.

You’ll start to notice that you can just eat. Freely.

The irony is that once you do so … you’ll notice the physical changes you’re after come much easier.

It won’t make sense.

How can you be eating more freely and progressing more efficiently?

Less mental stress around food.


Your body will respond the way you want.

Ready for the next neurotyping challenge?

After going through it myself, I knew that if I ever created a challenge, it sure AF would not have a good vs. bad foods list.

But, I also knew that any challenge I created would be focused on mindset first and your thoughts around food.

Which is why 100% of the challenge participants that we’ve had said that they experienced a mental transformation from our program.

Every single person.

Which was the goal.

Mission accomplished.

And now, we get to do it all over again …

Because the next 6-week Neurotyping challenge is open for registration.

200 people is the maximum and trust me … it’ll sell out VERY quickly.

Get your fingers ready lol.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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