Do You Know What REAL Coaching Looks Like?

by | Dec 12, 2020

This is the WORST possible time for me to focus on my fitness goals …

Distractions and stress can affect your pursuit of goals

For starters, it’s freakin’ cold outside so I’m not walking as much as I normally do.

On top of that, I’m very limited on what I can do for training.

My garage is being renovated (which is where our workout equipment was) and I’m not back  at a gym yet.

Therefore, all I’ve got is a barbell out back.

On the nutrition side, this time of year we have birthdays and holidays.

But honestly, it’s hard to focus when there’s no real incentive to get leaner because I’m wearing sweats most days and not going to the beach any time soon. 🤷‍♂️

Oh, and of course, with kids in the house there’s a plethora of baked goods and junk food just waiting for me to indulge.

On the life side of things, we’ve been thrown quite a few curve balls lately.

The heat stopped working in our house, along with the hot water.

Then, in an exciting turn of events, we had an issue with our electrical panel that caused a bunch of outlets to stop working and we found out we need to upgrade our entire panel.

Good times.

It would be convenient for me to check in with my coach and tell him that now is just not the best time for me to focus on our game plan.


Things are just too hectic and I don’t want to feel like I’m failing at one other thing in my life.

But guess what …

That’s not what this is about.

REAL coaching vs. calculator coaching

As shocking as this may sound … it’s never really about the food.

There is no hard set of rules that I have to follow.

I know this goes against anything you’ve ever heard or done before (unless you’re a POP client).

But, we don’t set you up with a nutrition plan that can only be followed when life is perfect and there are no distractions.

We set you up with a LIFESTYLE plan that accommodates for all the craziness that life throws at us.

That means that we anchor to the thing you CAN do during difficult times because it gives you control when everything else feels uncontrollable.

And that’s exactly what I’m doing for myself.

I can still drink my water. I can still move my body. I can still eat protein and veggies.

More importantly, I have the flexibility to adjust my focus based on my reality.

So, I’m able to spend some time eating more calories and supporting my metabolism while maintaining my weight without rigid tracking or counting.

This will set me up nicely for the next phase … whenever that may be.

I’m not trying to do too much.

I’m working out 3-4x per week for about 30-40 minutes per session.

My recovery has felt better.

I have more situational stress in my life so I’m countering that with more stress relieving activities.

This is the difference between calculator coaching and REAL coaching.

Real coaching works based on context and the dynamic nature of human beings.

Calculator coaching only works on paper.

It’s time to think different and BE different

I’m not sharing this to toot my own horn or act like I’ve got it all figured out.

There are some days that I feel like I’m barely keeping my head above water.

And, that’s ok. Those days don’t feel “off track,” they simply feel like an inevitable part of the process.

I practice what I preach. We live what we teach.

I’m sharing this because I know how damaging and frustrating it can be to remain stuck in that old dieter’s mindset and I want to give you all the tools to break out of it.

It has a profound impact on your health, quality of life, and yes, your physical results as well.

Think different. Be different.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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