Do You REALLY Know What Normal Looks Like?

by | Jun 10, 2022

Fuck normal.

Yeah, I said it.

Coming out of the gates swinging this morning.

Have you ever taken a minute to assess what’s considered “normal?”

THIS is what normal looks like …

– It’s normal for everyone in the office to order fast food for lunch while you’re the odd one out with grilled chicken and veggies.

– It’s normal to stay in a toxic relationship.

– It’s normal to go six figures in debt for a degree and normal to gasp at a mid four figure investment into your health.

– It’s normal to live paycheck to paycheck.

– It’s normal to dump your savings into an account that earns 0.00000001% interest.

– It’s normal to break commitments you make to yourself.

– It’s normal to put yourself last.

– It’s normal that when you want to cut back on spending, you immediately remove the investments in yourself but keep the online shopping, Netflix subscriptions, and daily Starbucks visits.

– It’s normal that when given the choice of 2 doors … 1 with a 0% chance of happiness and the other with a 2% chance of happiness … to choose the door with 0%.

– It’s normal to choose the certainty of misery over the misery of uncertainty.

– It’s normal to stay in a loveless marriage.

– It’s normal to give up when results don’t happen immediately.

– It’s normal to avoid taking action on things you want due to bullshit excuses like timing.

– It’s normal to prioritize pills and medications over healthy habits.

– It’s normal to eat shit food all the time while simultaneously talking about how you need to cut carbs to lose weight.

– It’s normal to be average and to coast through life while leaving a metric ton of potential on the table.

– It’s normal to judge and criticize someone for going against the grain and doing something extraordinary.

How about abnormal or extraordinary instead?

So, excuse me for feeling like normal is not for me.

Maybe it’s for you. And that’s ok. I hold no judgement there.

But, for those of you that want to join me in saying …

Fuck normal …

It doesn’t simply require lip service …

It requires unrelenting action.

If you can’t handle uncertainty, can’t handle discomfort, can’t handle being tested and pushed to your limits, and you can’t handle the scrutiny of others …

Then maybe normal is more your speed.

Again, totally fine. You’re certainly in the majority there.

But, if you can’t handle the thought of unused potential …

Then maybe it’s time to lean into being abnormal.

Maybe it’s time to be extraordinary.

You thought this was only about fitness and nutrition?

Nope. This is about life.

This is about fulfillment.

This is about you.

You ready for that?

If so, join us.

Start by filling out an application to see if you’re a fit.

We’ll be fully transparent with you one way or the other.

Apply here.

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