Does Your Vacation Diet Cause Stress and Anxiety?

by | Oct 23, 2020

Vacation used to be a major source of stress

Yup, you read that correctly.

Maybe it doesn’t sound so strange given the current state we’re in, but this had nothing to do with stress about traveling …

It had to do with stress about food.

I always felt like I had to diet even harder to get “vacation ready.”

Then, when I was on vacation, I would over analyze every single food choice I made.

And when I got back … you guessed it … time to diet hard again.

I remember one vacation in particular …

It was an incredible trip to London, Barcelona, and Lisbon over two weeks.

I kept stressing about how much weight I was gaining while drinking and eating amazing food.

Well, I stepped on the scale the day after I got back and it was up 1 single pound from before I left.

You would think that celebration ensued …


Because I looked in the mirror and determined that the scale didn’t reflect how much worse I  actually looked and I decided to go on another restrictive diet.

Hopefully, this gives you some insight into just how poor my body image and relationship with food truly were.

Vacation doesn’t have to be stressful

As I sit here this morning, sipping my coffee and looking ahead to a short vacation to Key Largo that begins Friday …

I can’t help but to feel immense relief and gratitude.

To be able to go away and truly enjoy the experience, be fully present, eat and drink what and when I want, and not even think twice about my progress or what I’ll eat after the trip is a gift.

My results will not be impacted in the slightest.

I’ll pick up when I get back and do exactly what I’m doing now.

It’s a 180 degree difference from how things used to be.

The biggest turning point for me was realizing the fundamental flaws in most diets and nutrition plans.

No program ever cared to identify the root of my behaviors which were causing my eating habits and tendencies.

No program ever diagnosed my habit and lifestyle history to determine the plan that was best suited for my body, brain chemistry, and ideal behaviors.

No program ever taught me how to integrate my non-negotiables like being able to eat freely on vacation without stress or feeling like I need to diet my ass off before and after my trip.

No program ever gave me the tools to be self-reliant so that I could make permanent progress without depending on their bullshit rules and restriction.

No program ever did those things …


And, it’s now transformed thousands of lives at this point, which is pretty surreal.

I constantly get messages from clients that continue to fill my cup and power my purpose.

However, because we are a high-touch, hands-on coaching program (no automation over here!), we are very limited on spaces.

We also happen to be in high demand.

As such, we’ll be increasing our coaching rates starting in November.

This gives you plenty of time to hop over the fence and make the best decision you can make for yourself and your loved ones.

I won’t be taking any calls while I’m away (don’t worry, I’ll still be emailing ya!) so don’t delay on finding a time that’s available to chat.

You can book a free call here.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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