Don’t Underestimate the Power of Personality!

by | Sep 4, 2020

What if there’s something more important to achieving and maintaining results than calories, macros, and hormones combined???

There is.

Of course, I have to tell a story first because I’m the king of tangents.

A little background story …

When I was doing in-person training, I had a good friend/client who wanted to hit a PR on her clean.

She had been building up for a while and was ready to tackle this elusive number.

After warming up, she was ready …

Like any good coach (or so I thought) … I started hyping her up …


I don’t remember my exact words but they were something like that.

She failed the lift.

Not only did she fail the lift but it ruined her day.

And guess what … it was my fault.

You see, her personality type is a 2B which means she’s emotionally driven.

She hates to let people down, especially people she respects like a mentor, parent, teacher, or coach.

Type 2B’s also have higher anxiety.

When you understand that anxiety is nothing more than your neurons firing too fast, you can start to see where I went terribly wrong with her.

Trying to hit a PR will increase brain arousal and neuronal activity.

There’s an optimal level of performance …

Not enough arousal and you’ll lack motivation and be more lethargic and lazy.

Too much arousal and you’ll be an over-thinker, have paralysis by analysis, be more prone to choke under pressure.

Starting to make sense?

She is already an individual with higher anxiety. Trying to hit a PR adds more excitation of the nervous system …

AND, here I am like a total jackass trying to hype her up and increase brain activity even more!

Epic fail. Terrible coaching.

Now, to take my mistake even further, 2B’s are emotionally driven because they have high levels of glutamate.

Glutamate is a neurotransmitter that’s an emotional amplifier.

Therefore, type 2B’s get hooked to things that make them feel good and really turned off by things that make them feel bad (due to their strong emotional response).

Letting someone down is a 2B’s worst nightmare.

So, I literally caused my client to fail a lift AND created a situation where she felt like she let down her coach … which is extremely destructive.

2B’s are the most affected by a bad workout. It sits with them all day (sometimes longer).

2B’s are the clients that go dark and MIA when they feel like their coach will be disappointed in them.

Fortunately, this client happened to be a good friend so she didn’t go dark on me. But, I totally screwed the pooch in that situation.

Have you guessed the answer to the opening question yet?

The thing that is more important than calories, macros, and hormones combined?

Yup … it’s your personality.

The power of personality is HUGE

This is a tiny, we’re-just-scratching-the-surface glimpse into the power of your personality when it comes to training, nutrition, mindset, adherence, and consistency.

Next week we’ll be doing TWO free live trainings inside of our FB group on personality profiling, which is open for anyone to join!

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