Feeling Like Garbage Is NOT Normal!

by | Jul 26, 2021

Feeling like shit is not normal.

“But Mike, I work full time, have 17 kids, and 37 dogs … of course I feel like shit.”

Still … not normal.

I spoke with a woman yesterday who mentioned that she has gone the better part of her 30’s feeling like shit and assumed that it’s just what happens to women in their 30’s.

30’s. That’s where we’re at? We’re normalizing feeling like shit at 30.

Simply because of work, family, life stress, etc.

The eye opening moment for her?

She did our last Neurotyping challenge and couldn’t believe how much better she felt, almost instantly.

Yesterday she signed up for 1:1 coaching so now she’ll really feel a million times better but that’s not the point.

Your body doesn’t discriminate against stressors.

Look, I understand you might have a crazy schedule.

You might work 12 hour days.

You might have to manage your career, your family, and whatever else you like to do.

But, let me repeat …

Feeling like shit is still not normal.

It all boils down to one thing … stress.

The source of stress might be your long work hours, arguments with your partner, yelling at your kids …

Or, one of your stressors could be constant under eating.

Your body doesn’t discriminate against stress sources.

And, it’s also the key to your physical results, as well as the solution to not feeling like shit.

There’s always a balance to be had.

Imagine a bucket of water …

Each stressor in your life will drain a little water out of the bucket.

Once that bucket is empty, you’ll be hangry, feel fatigued, have low sex drive, be unmotivated, and feel stuck.

The reason is simple …

Let’s say you’re not eating enough.

Your body will sense that there’s not enough energy coming in so it’ll trigger some hunger signals (AKA get me some damn energy).

Your energy levels will plummet because … well … food provides energy.

Your focus will suffer because your brain kind of needs energy to perform.

You’ll find yourself cranky and easily irritable because food has an impact on neurotransmitters (for example, not eating enough carbs will lower serotonin which impacts sense of well being).

You may lack motivation because not getting in enough protein will lower dopamine levels.

You may experience some hormonal issues due to the constant stress of under eating (like low thyroid function, low sex hormones, depressed immune function, etc.)

The same collection of unpleasant outcomes will occur regardless of where the chronic stress is coming from.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to fill the bucket with water.

Overcome the stressors and you’ll see results.

Eating enough, eating quality foods, sleeping, walking, drinking enough water, and any kind of mindfulness practice.

The more water drains you have in your life (i.e. stressors like 12 hour work days, 17 kids, 37 dogs, etc.),

The more intentional you need to be about filling your bucket.

The act of filling your bucket is exactly what I’m referring to when I talk about Metabolic Priming.

It’s not simply eating more.

Of course, the amount of food you consume plays a role.

But it goes beyond that.

To truly “prime” the metabolism, we have to assess the amount of water draining vs. the amount of water filling, and act accordingly.

Once this is done successfully, you’ll feel your energy levels come back, your mood will be more stable, you’ll sleep better, you’ll have more sex, and you won’t experience as much hunger or cravings.

Oh yeah, and your body will change the way you want it to.

Achieve your goals with personalized nutrition coaching.

This is one of the main reasons our 1:1 clients get such epic results.

We don’t leave anything to chance.

We prime their metabolisms effectively to achieve the body composition goals they desire.

Yes, it helps that we implement a plan based on their personality or Neurotype.

It’s easier to stay consistent when working with your nature vs. fighting against it.

That’s actually a massive water filling way of doing things.

And, we tie it all together with our lifestyle integration approach of making sure that our clients can still live life and enjoy themselves throughout the process.

The result is that they reach their goals after feeling like nothing would ever work for them.

And, we do it in just 6 months while giving them the tools to be successful for life.

If that sounds like something you want for yourself, simply shoot me a message on FB.

We’ll have a quick chat to see if you’re a good fit for the program and if you are, we can get started right away.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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