Following Predictable Patterns is Keeping You Stuck

by | Oct 18, 2021

“I know what I should be doing but I’m just not doing it.”

By far the most common sentence that I hear each day.

Often times it’s uttered with a hefty dose of shame.

Which is unfortunate because when you understand what your brain is doing to you …

You’ll realize it’s perfectly normal.

Now, maybe that doesn’t help comfort you because you still want results and I get that.

But, if you keep fighting against yourself to get those results …

You’ll end up exactly where you always have landed …


Are you the victim of self sabotage?

I’m not saying that to be mean …

I’m saying it from personal experience.

Been there. Done that.

In fact, I still find myself self sabotaging on occasion so it’s not something that really ever goes away.

You simply become more equipped to recognize it and do something about it.

The reason why you know exactly what to do but don’t do it is simple …

Your brain is protecting you.

It wants to keep you in predictable patterns.

Predictability = safety (according to your brain).

Unpredictability = danger (according to your brain).

These protective mechanisms helped to keep our species alive thousands of years ago but in today’s world …

Ehhh, I’d argue they do more harm than good.

However, our hard wiring isn’t going to simply change overnight, so we have to be aware of what’s going on upstairs so we can achieve our desired outcomes.

Once you start breaking out of those predictable patterns, your brain starts sending some warning signals.

Alert! Danger!

Then, you do some form of self sabotage and wonder what the fuck just happened.

What happened was you pulled yourself back into that same predictable pattern so your brain can rest easy again.

But, now you’re frustrated because you feel like any time you start to make progress, you do something stupid to mess it all up.

Sound familiar?

Welcome to being human.

Your brain LOVES predictable patterns.

And yet, you keep trying to solve the problem by forcing the issue …

Ok, screw this shit! I’m signing up for Optavia.

I’m doing a 1200 calorie meal plan.

I’m fasting for 17 days.

Round and round it goes.

The pattern continues and your brain keeps pulling you back.

Until one day, you read some message from some jackass with a beard who is telling you exactly what is going on and exactly how to fix it.

My messages are a microcosm of this same phenomenon every single day.

Think about it …

Each day I outline a specific scenario that you may be struggling with.

I tell you why it’s a problem, how I personally experienced it, how to fix it, and how we’ve helped our clients fix it to create the level of success that you hope to achieve one day.

And then, I offer you a simple invite.

I tell you to message me on FB or reply to my email.

The urge you get to respond is your gut instinct.

It’s telling you what you need.

The reason you don’t is your brain keeping you in a predictable pattern.

Responding and asking for help = unpredictable = danger (according to your brain).

Not responding = predictable = safety (according to your brain).

The problem is that the safe play is the one that keeps you stuck.

The solution is the same for all of the above …

Become aware of what’s happening, understand why it’s happening, and start to make a conscious choice to do the uncomfortable thing.

Then, do it over and over again until it becomes comfortable and predictable.

Do the uncomfortable until it becomes comfortable.

That’s the part that we often forget …

Everything that’s comfortable was once uncomfortable.

Remember the first time you tried to walk?

Of course you don’t but if you did, you would remember it was really freakin’ uncomfortable.

Like a drunken sailor trying to get across the room.

You had to keep falling down and getting back up until it became comfortable.

Your self sabotage is nothing more than your brain trying to keep you in safe and predictable patterns.

Be aware. Disrupt it. Do the thing anyway and don’t stop until it becomes comfortable.

And yes, of course I’ll offer another opportunity to help because we’re pretty damn good at helping others accomplish this.

But, you’re going to need to listen to your gut and do the uncomfortable thing.

That means messaging me on FB. 

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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