Freedom Only Comes When You Stop Lying to Yourself

by | Oct 9, 2020

One of the things I used to do all the time when I was extreme dieting was lie …

Lie to myself.

Lie to my friends.

Lie to my family.

I lied because it kept me “safe.”

I would tell myself that I didn’t have a problem.

That being obsessed with food was normal.

That wanting to lose weight by any means necessary was healthy.

I would lie to my friends and tell them that I didn’t have time to hang out.

That I wasn’t feeling well.

Then I would lie to myself again and would tell myself that THEY just don’t understand.

That being fit doesn’t allow for a social life.

I would lie to my family about my disordered eating.

I would deflect their questions.

I would get defensive and wonder why being “healthy” comes with so many concerns.

I denied it all.

To myself.

To others.

Eventually, lies will catch up to you

But, you can only hide for so long before the truth walks up and smacks you in the face like you stole something.

Well … I did steal something.

I stole my own peace of mind.

For years.

Being obsessed with food is no way to live.

Having your mood hinge on one fucking number to start your day is no way to live.

Judging yourself based on the quality of the food that goes in your mouth is no way to live.

It wasn’t my fault.

I live in the very same diet culture that you do.

It was, however, my responsibility.

I was able to break out of that mental prison.

It was a long road.

It felt like I was tunneling out of Shawshank.

But, crawling through shit was worth it for the freedom that exists on the other side.

It’s that freedom that inspires what I do today.

It’s that freedom that we deliver to each individual we work with.

Because the physical results we provide don’t mean much without the freedom to go with it.

You need both.

We only work with individuals that want both.

What is freedom worth to you?

Where does it fall on your list of priorities?

What are you allowing to get in the way of that freedom?

Remember, it’s not your fault … but it’s absolutely your responsibility.

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