“Have you heard of orthorexia??”

by | Feb 29, 2020

“Have you heard of orthorexia??”

I squirmed in my chair.

I can remember the exact restaurant and the exact table that I was sitting in when those words were uttered to me by someone very close to me.

Before I continue, this is a personal story that I think is important to share. However, I also have an exciting announcement today so you can skip to the bottom if you just want to take advantage of an opportunity for free supplements!

Back to the story…

Orthorexia is disordered eating where there’s an obsession over “healthy” or “clean” foods, she said.

I got defensive AF.

Let’s rewind a little bit… I had just ordered a salad with chicken breast. I told them I didn’t want any oil or butter used when cooking. They were also instructed that I didn’t want any cheese, croutons, or dressing.

Dressing on the side? No. I don’t want dressing.

Let’s rewind a little farther back… I had just finished a challenge that got me to my lowest weight that I can remember. This particular challenge was just enough to trigger my perfectionist personality.

I would not stray from the food list that was allowed.

When the challenge was over, I was determined to only eat “clean” because “I just want to be healthy.”

As if health is found in being anti-social to avoid straying from the plan. Or maybe health looks like crippling anxiety around foods that aren’t allowed. I guess I confused health for being the smallest version of myself and still not satisfied with how I looked.

When I snapped back defensively with “I shouldn’t have agreed to come here. You just wanted to give me shit for being healthier” the person I was with dropped it.

She knew that it would fall on deaf ears.

You know those moments where you get so defensive that you later realize there was a reason for it?

Yeah, it struck a chord. I felt it in my gut. I also ignored my gut for quite some time.

It wasn’t until the binge eating continued. The yo-yo dieting continued. The obsession continued. My poor relationship with food and my body continued that I knew something had to change.

I was able to find my way out, eventually. It was an uphill battle and there are still times that I find myself falling into old ways of thinking.

I know first hand the psychological implications of dieting. I’ve witnessed it in myself and hundreds of people that I’ve worked with.

I want to assure you that there is a better way. Improving your relationship with food and your relationship with yourself is not an optional part of the process, in my opinion.

That’s a necessary part of the process and something we do for every single one of our clients.

What’s the point of hitting macros if you’re afraid of social settings or riddled with anxiety about going “off-plan.”

The version of you that doesn’t have to obsess exists. The version of you that has balance, moderation, freedom and any other buzzword exists. That version of you that has a loving relationship with food and your body exists.

I know it exists because I’ve been where you’ve been and I’ve seen so many other people there too. The process is not the same for everyone. But the outcome will be if you do things the right way.

I’ve got a special opportunity that I’m excited to share with you to help you find the freedom and the results that you desire.

You’ll have to wait a couple of days 🙂

Much love,

PS – if you can relate to my story, please let me know! It’s always a little scary sharing stuff like that.

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