How Long Does It Take to Get Results?

by | Jan 28, 2022

“How long does it take to lose 100 pounds?”

That was a question I received yesterday.

And, I typically get some variation of that question almost daily.

“Hey Mike, I’m trying to get ready for this (wedding, vacation, whatever event) and I’ve got about (10, 20, 30 lbs.) to lose. What’s a realistic timeline for me?”

My answer: I have no fuckin clue.

My actual answer: It depends.

How long will it take to get results? It depends …

There’s this fascinating piece of the human brain that requires certainty.

Certainty = predictability.

Predictability = good for survival.

So, our brain works really well with timelines.

We love to know 3 things … 1. Start date 2. End date 3. Expected result.

Which is why it makes perfect sense that so many people ask … “How long will this goal take to achieve?”

But, it cannot be responsibly answered without more questions.

It’s funny because I often reference our 6 month coaching program.

Ya know, the program that turns out more mental and physical transformations than anyone else out there …

Yeah, that one.

And, most people interpret that timeline as a hard stop.

Ohhh ok, so we lose 20-30 lbs. and have all the results we could ever imagine and live happily ever after?

Well in some cases … yes.

But it depends on the individual.

The timeline to get results depends on the individual.

We have some clients who have YEARS and DECADES of ingrained behaviors and disordered eating habits to unpack.

Sometimes it takes us 6 months just to get the mental side of the transformation complete.

Then, and only then, can we start to tackle the physical side.

We have some clients who have YEARS and DECADES of metabolic damage to repair.

Sometimes it takes us 6 months just to get them eating adequately and for their body to feel safe enough to even begin losing body fat.

The one thing we will never do …

Is set unrealistic expectations.

Typically, the first month of working with a coach in our 1:1 program is finding out exactly what can be accomplished and when.

We get to see what’s holding you back, the residual damage from past diets, your relationship with food, your relationship with yourself, the way you handle setbacks and failures, the amount of pressure you put on yourself, and a whole lot more.

That’s when the magic can really happen because we know exactly what we’re up against.

And then it’s a simple step by step process to get there.

I say simple because we actually keep it stupidly simple.

We pinpoint the lowest hanging fruit that will make the biggest difference and we start there.

Like what’s the point of throwing fancy strategies at someone if they can’t even be consistent with the basics??

“Hey, let’s do this 4 day macro cycling plan where you rotate numbers each day.”

“What’s that?? You can’t even be consistent with eating quality food or getting in enough protein?”

“You keep binge eating on the weekends??”

“That’s ok … we’ll just grade your macros as a failure and we’ll keep adjusting the numbers while you keep failing. Sound good??”

Ummmm … no.

Actually it sounds like the exact recipe for disaster.

Which it is.

Setting realistic expectations and following a proven system make a huge difference!

A better approach would be …

Let’s figure out ways to get more consistent with food quality and get you feeling really confident with that first.

Let’s help you with simple ways to get in more protein.

Then, let’s find out what’s causing those binge episodes. Are you not eating enough overall, are you restricting certain foods, are you overly stressed?

I’ll admit … our way doesn’t sound exciting at all.

In fact, the results that we produce for our clients happen slower than anyone wants …

And faster than anyone can believe.

That’s because all the 30-60-90 day goal chasers stay perpetually in that cycle.

Go all in on the goal for a short period of time. Burn out. Say fuck it all. Start back at square one.

Rinse and repeat for years on end.

While our clients just gradually coast and maintain their results for life.

So, does the timeline to get results really matter?

Well … yes. It still matters. Because we want to cater to your brain and body.

But, we have to be realistic and understand that each timeline is unique to each individual.

When I say our 6 month program produces an AVERAGE of 20-30 lbs. down and food freedom …

That’s the average.

Some of our clients come to us and they just start crushing it from day 1.

Again … it depends.

Are you ready to commit to a program with a results guarantee?

What I do know is this …

If you take the time to work with a coach on setting realistic expectations …

You’ll give your brain exactly what it wants (start date, end date, expected result) …

But, then we have to give your body exactly what it needs (sustainable behavior change that lasts forever).

We solidify the certainty of it all with a results guarantee.

Here’s the simple truth …

If you aren’t willing to commit to a program that guarantees your results or it doesn’t cost you a thing …

Then the only place you need to look for answers …

Is in the mirror.

Everything else is simply a distraction from the real issue.

And to make it even easier on you …

We have options to get started for $0 down and no payment for 30 days.

That’s called belief in what we accomplish.

You ready to get started yet?

Message me here if you are.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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