How to Have Better Sex

by | Apr 10, 2021

Want to have better sex?

I figure this is a timely topic since someone got all hot and bothered by my use of the F word yesterday lol.

And, as a side note, fuck is the greatest word in the English language and it’s not even close. That’s a scientific fact.

Being offended by a word is a choice. Words don’t need to have control over us just like food doesn’t need to have control over us.

Anyway, let’s move on.

Is your sex life suffering because of your diet?

There’s an overlooked, under-discussed, monumental sacrifice that happens when you decide to embark on your fat loss journey

Your sex life suffers.

I’m going to explain it from a biological perspective and also let you in on a few secrets as to how to not let that happen but also how to make your sex life even better.

Let’s dive in head first (you’ll have to excuse all the subtle and inappropriate references here 😉

The common logic is actually pretty sound.

It usually goes something like this …

I’m uncomfortable with how I look.

I don’t want my partner or any potential suitor(s) to see me naked.

If I lose fat, I’ll have more confidence, and then I’ll rock his/her/their world(s).

Time to diet!

It’s not irrational reasoning.

You can’t deny that feeling physically and mentally confident will improve your sex life.

The issue is often in the method.

The how.

9 times out of 10 it becomes a race to lose fat.

A mad dash to the finish line.

A quickie, if you will.

It’s like we all of a sudden forget that stamina and holding out can actually be a good thing.

We’re still talking about fat loss here … stay with me.

In the attempt to drop fat quickly, we drop calories quickly and start exercising more.

It may feel just fine for a while but eventually your body is like … nope.

One of the first things to happen is a drop in energy as your body tries to survive against the stressors that you’re placing on it.

It may seem like not a big deal at first when your partner tries to make a move and you reply with “I’m too tired.”

But, it doesn’t stop there.

Next up is the moodiness.

You go from 0 to 100 without even realizing it.

A normally innocuous comment gets you heated (come to think of it … maybe that dude who was upset at my use of the F word was dieting too hard! lol)

Now you’re arguing more often and the sex frequency starts to decline even more.

But, it doesn’t stop there.

Your body doesn’t want you to procreate in a dangerous environment.

And, any periods of stress are perceived as a dangerous environment.

So, your sex hormones decrease.

If you’re a woman, you may just not want it as much.

If you’re a man, you may not be able to rise to the occasion.

It’s a perfectly normal biological response, but certainly not a fun one.

Or a healthy one.

It’s also worth mentioning that chronically over eating has the same effect.

That is also a chronic stressor and metabolically speaking, the chronic dieter and couch potato have very similar symptoms.

How do we prevent this from happening so you can enjoy better sex?

How do we achieve the benefits of added confidence from accomplishing our physical goals without sacrificing some good sex along the way?

Let’s start with the most obvious … don’t do anything extreme.

And, by extreme I mean don’t reduce calories too low (hint: 1200 calories is probably too low) and don’t completely eliminate food groups.

Also, stop dieting all the damn time!

You know what increases your sex drive?

Eating enough.

Reducing stress.


A well functioning metabolism.

Why do you think we start all of our clients off with a metabolic priming phase?

Yes, of course we want them to lose fat more efficiently …

But, we also want them to get laid 😉

And, when our clients are pursuing their body composition goals, we make sure to send the “safety” signal throughout the process so their sex drive doesn’t plummet.

It’s as simple as diet breaks, refeed days, and spending enough time at maintenance.

We also make sure to provide food recommendations, macro ratios, and a plan structure that suits their Neurotype.

By doing so, it helps with mood stability (fewer arguments that lead to dry spells) and less stress overall (less stress = more sex).

It’s also important that you’re able to keep your social life intact.

Having date nights or being able to meet up with that person from tinderbumble? is important.

When dieting, most people completely cut out the things they enjoy.

No alcohol … No social events … No dining out … No fun!

Remember, what you do to ATTAIN it, is what you’ll need to do to SUSTAIN it.

That’s why we build those things into the process for our clients so they can keep their dating life or relationships vibrant while accomplishing their goals.

Truly a win-win.

Better sex is only ONE of the many benefits you’ll see with our program

Lastly, we monitor what’s going on internally so we can see if any red flags pop up that may be a sign of too much stress.

Looking at biofeedback, we’re able to see exactly what’s working and/or what needs to be adjusted.

The result of that is our clients can keep their sex lives on point throughout the process and continue to gain more confidence with the physical results they achieve.

Not to mention the added benefits of removing the stress around food choices and the anxiety around social events, so they can just enjoy the moment(s).

Come to think of it, I always thought the reason our clients say that joining POP was the best decision they ever made was because of the mental and physical transformations we facilitate.

Now I’m thinking there are other reasons they’re so satisfied 😉

As a final note, there have been a number of studies that show that individuals who work out consistently (both lifting and cardio), report better sex.

Just remember that stress is the great equalizer!

If you’re interested to see if the POP Method, our signature 6-month, 1:1 coaching is the right fit for you, simply shoot me a message on Facebook.

We can have a quick chat to make sure it’s a fit on both sides and if we decide that it is, we can get started right away.

I’m not sure you’d want to delay after knowing the added benefits of our process 😉

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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