How to Stay on Track For 4th of July Weekend

by | Jul 2, 2022

It’s July 4th weekend, so I guess that means I’m supposed to give you all of my tips and tricks for “how to stay on track over the holiday weekend!”

Right? Isn’t that what all the cool kids are doing?

Tips to help you stay on track during a holiday weekend

Ya know, little hacks like … saving up your calories for the week so you have more to work with over the days you’re celebrating.

Or … only having 1 drink during your family BBQ so you don’t allow alcohol to ruin your progress.

Or … pounding gallons of water before you eat so you trick your body into thinking you’re full.

Or … only eat until you’re 80% full (as if anyone knows what the fuck 80% full means).

Or … only choose one dessert! Ya know, because two desserts is preposterous.

Or … BYOT (bring your own Tupperware. (If it was bring your own Tequila … then I’d be game).

Am I laying on the sarcasm thick enough?

Look, I’m not saying you shouldn’t be mindful of what you’re doing this weekend, but sometimes I think we miss the point of this whole fitness thing.

Holidays and weekends are opportunities to be with the people you care about.

In my opinion, these weekends are opportunities to practice being present with the people you love.

To give yourself a break from dieting.

To work on the balance between being social and being fit.

Let’s not lose sight of this one important fact …

It’s one fuckin weekend and progress is not made nor lost in one day, one week, or even one month.

You want two desserts? Have at it.

You want more than one drink? Do you.

You want to bring your own Tequila? Pour me one, please.

It’s ok if you want to go HAM.

It’s also ok if you want to put some boundaries on yourself.

Simple boundaries like … I’m going to prioritize protein.

I’m going to drink water and alcohol.

And if a food or a drink is not a “fuck yes” then it’s a no.

Don’t overthink it.

Remember .. it’s one fuckin weekend and progress is not made nor lost in one day, one week, or even one month.

Enjoy it. Then move on.

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