How to Win the Lottery … And Actually Reach Your Goals!

by | Sep 4, 2021

No, we’re not talking about money, but we ARE talking about your life and achieving your goals.

Cutting out carbs is easy.

Skipping breakfast is easy.

Eating 1200 calories is easy.

Following a meal plan is easy.

Only eating 800 calories worth of shakes and bars is easy.

You know what’s hard?

NOT doing those things.

Your brain likes easy.

Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it.

Will you choose the lottery or hard work that leads to lasting results?

Let’s say you want to make a million dollars.

You could …

A: Solve a really big problem for a specific group of people, build an audience of those people whose problem you solve, prove that you can actually deliver on your promise to solve their problem, and charge whatever they perceive the value of that solution to be.

or …

B: Play the lottery and hope you win.

Now, logically you know the odds of being successful with option B are MUCH lower than option A.

But isn’t option B so much easier?

It requires you to buy a ticket and get lucky.

That’s it.

Funny thing is … each ticket you buy where you don’t win the lottery actually moves you further away from your goal of a million dollars.

But, that doesn’t stop people from playing.

You may be shaking your head thinking … I would never play the lottery.

Yet, you’re doing the exact same thing when you diet.

Dieting is like playing the lottery.

The carb cutting, cookie cutter, fad diet nonsense is like playing the lottery.

It’s easy.

Eat this … don’t eat that.

Eat at this time … not at that time.

Eat this powder that we provide … not real food.

Easy peasy.

And, each time you do it, you move further away from your actual goals.

Sure, you may see some temporary progress.

Just like lottery players may get a small win here or there.

It’s simply false hope.

And, it keeps you away from the difficult work …

Avoiding that shit altogether.

Option A probably makes your head spin.

Option A looks like this:

Stop dieting all the damn time, heal your relationship with food, build a foundation of healthy habits that will serve you for life, eat in a way that makes you feel your best and is completely tailored to you, and do it for a really long time.

Option B: Play the lottery. Cut out entire food groups. Eat 1200 calories per day. Only eat in a 4 hour window. Follow a meal plan. You get the idea.

Like I said … option B is easy.

Option A is hard.

Your brain will always try to pull you towards option B.

And, you have to make a conscious choice every single day to choose option A.

Eventually, it’ll become second nature.

Ask any successful person in any facet of life how they got there …

They did the boring work consistently for a really long fuckin time and had to drown out the distractions of what seemed “easy.”

If you really don’t think that’s too complicated … that’s because it’s not.

In fact, it’s insanely simple.

But, simple and easy are two different things.

If it were easy, then everyone would do it.

And yet here we are … with most people playing the lottery and progressively moving further away from their goals.

At some point, looking at those losing numbers every week has gotta be frustrating.

It’s on you to make a change.

To make a choice.

And to commit to that choice over and over and over again.

If you’re ready to make that choice …

Well … you’ve got about 36 hours left to register for the free Neurotyping Challenge.

Start there and we can all choose option A together.

Much love,
Coach Mike

PS – Is it me … or does that analogy hit different? 😉

PPS – ===> register here if you’re serious about making a change <===

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