How You Think About Food Is Actually the Problem

by | Jul 22, 2021

The time you spend thinking about food is worse than the food itself.

There are a lot of fancy calculators out there that tell you how many calories you should be eating.

There are a lot of fancy guru’s out there who tell you the types of foods you should be eating.

Naturally, when you over indulge or eat something “off plan,” it begins to occupy some brain space.

Not just in that moment …

But there’s a lingering effect too.

Do you constantly think about food?

You may start to beat yourself up and feel guilty for your choices.

You may start to think about how inconsistent you are and that you don’t deserve to be successful.

You may also start to think about food all the time because of those feelings.

You may over analyze every subsequent decision.

You may get anxious in social situations when you’re surrounded by foods that are “off limits.”

You may feel totally stressed about how to stay consistent when things aren’t perfectly aligned.

And, it’s that constant stress and obsession that is way worse than the food itself.

Let’s look at it like this …

If you eat a cookie … you’ve consumed about 300 calories, depending on the cookie.

Not exactly a make or break scenario.

Your metabolism is a stress barometer

However, when you stress about eating the cookie, and continue to feel guilty and have lingering thoughts about food … you’re impacting your metabolism, your willpower, your actions, and your results.

First, because you may try to overcompensate for your choices, which often leads to the vicious all or nothing cycle.

Second, the constant stress around food may lead to metabolic down regulation and eventual weight gain.

Lastly, the feelings of inadequacy may cause you to throw in the towel completely or avoid taking action.

Remember, your metabolism is a giant stress barometer.

Not a calorie calculator.

So the constant stress from obsessing over food is not doing your body any favors.

Personalized nutrition coaching is the perfect solution

This is why we go through a metabolic priming phase with all of our clients in our 1:1 coaching program.

Priming means we establish homeostasis through balancing stressors, eating adequately enough, and prioritizing proper recovery.

This sets up our clients for effortless fat loss because we are sending the safety signal so their bodies let go of unwanted body fat.

That’s what happens when you understand what your metabolism truly is.

It also helps that we align their plan with their Neurotype so they are able to stay more consistent.

This also helps with less systemic stress because we’re working with their nature vs. fighting against it.

Lastly, we align their plan with their lifestyle to make sure they can enjoy the process and still reach their goals in the most sustainable way possible.

Our clients don’t have to choose between being social or being fit. They get to have both.

This also dramatically improves their relationship with food and reduces the stress and disordered thoughts around food.

Typically, our clients lose between 20-30 lbs. in this process while achieving the food freedom they desire in just 6 months.

It’s always fun to see individuals hopping off the diet roller coaster once and for all.

If you want that for yourself,  shoot me a PM on FB.

We’ll have a quick chat to see if it’s a good fit and if it is, we can get started right away.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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