Mindful, Rational Behavior Is Good For All!

by | Mar 22, 2020

Wait … What?! Karen just picked up a 2 year supply of toilet paper?!

Fuckin Karen …

Ever wonder why our behavior is irrational when fear and uncertainty are present?

Ever wonder how our brains play tricks on us during these unprecedented times?

Currently wondering what any of this has to do with fitness and nutrition? (Answer: a lot).

I brought Dr. Kasey Jo Orvidas back on the Mind Over Macros podcast to discuss all of these things!

We break down the psychology of the Coronavirus, how to stay prepared without panic, and relate it all back to fitness.


Or, search “Mind Over Macros” on any podcast platform.

I also need to share two more things with you today!

First, my boy JK responded immediately when rumors were circulating about gyms needing to close for Covid-19.

Side note, I just found out this morning that my gym will be closed for two weeks.

No worries, we have a solution!

Access to home workouts will be provided in our FB group TODAY! Minimal to no equipment necessary.

===> Tap here to make sure you’re in our group <===

Last, but not least, I made a post the other day that blew up my DMs with people saying “holy shit, you described me to a tee.”

Before I share that post with you, please remember, we ALL deal with this!

Awareness is always the first step.

I know what I need to do … I just don’t do it.

Ah, yes, the most common phrase uttered by many of us who find the distinct contrast between our thoughts (what we think we should be doing) and our behavior (what we actually do).

Why does this happen?

You know what behaviors will serve you. You know what all the “experts” and “gurus” are saying you should be doing.

And yet, you don’t do it.

Why not?

Your common explanation is likely that you’re a failure, inadequate, and a disappointment.

You may feel anger towards yourself for knowing exactly what to do, and yet still not taking action.

I can assure you those explanations are both incorrect and certainly not helpful.

The reality is that you’ve got a competing intention that is often unconscious that is resisting change.

Behind the intention to be fit and healthy is another intention to seek comfort and not be seen.

Behind the intention to speak your truth, there’s an intention to avoid conflict or disapproval.

The desire to continue to do what you have always done to avoid risk or change is an intention that we all deal with.

You’re not going to eliminate the competing intentions but the good news is, you don’t have to.

Quite the contrary … It’s much more effective to illuminate them and make friends with them.

It’s possible you’ve buried and concealed those intentions deep down so the process may not be easy, but it’s damn sure worth it.

It requires cultivating self-love and self-acceptance in a curious but non-judgmental state.

Once you begin to identify these contrasting intentions, you can seek to understand them. Appreciate their gifts. Re-frame them. And, view yourself through a different lens.

This practice will literally rewire your brain, create new neural pathways, and allow you to establish habits that become your new automatic behavior patterns.

This is part of what I teach in my nutritional mindfulness course. Coming soon!

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