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by | Jan 22, 2020

What I’m about to share is everything. It’s the heartbeat of our movement, our mission, our nutrition community.

You need to join us. I don’t care if you never work with us as a client. We offer more free value than anyone else out there.

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Next week I’ll be doing a masterclass on the nutritional hierarchy but I’ll talk about that later.

For now, check out these incredible words that literally bring tears to my eyes…

The question was simple… What has POP meant for you?

“POP has meant empowerment, trust in myself and the confident knowledge that I can achieve MY goals!” – Season

“POP has meant actually teaching me to enjoy the journey while living my best life.” – Dani

“POP has meant accepting my choices and flexibility in my life.” – Jina

“POP has empowered me to learn about, listen to, and love the body I have been gifted – and then to maximize my choices for healthy aging.” – Jan

“You made a HUGE impression by being REAL & vulnerable. When your mission and energy can be transmitted through digital posts, that is something special!!!” – Naomi

“POP is teaching me I can enjoy LIFE and still crush my goals!” – Kate

“Freedom from perfection!” – Nicole

“POP has taught me that being consistent is not synonymous with being perfect and that I can achieve MY goals without being someone else’s textbook definition of perfect.” – Danielle

“POP has taught me that all the knowledge of nutrition and fitness in the world is nothing without mindset” – Danielle

“I am not broken. We have our own path to our own goals and it’s not a straight line to get there. Mindset, patience, consistency.” – Sherry

“POP is more than nutrition and training, it’s a life-transforming experience.” – Becky

“POP has had a tremendous positive impact on my physical and mental health! I’ve gotten more progress in 3 months than I’ve had in approx 2 years of (other nutrition company)!” – Jennifer

“POP has taught me to trust myself. To listen when I feel like something is off and go when it’s feeling good. They also taught me the freedom to make my own choices and priorities (like cake)” – Erin

“POP = POP Offers Powers… power to make the choices best for your forward movement… at your pace.” – Roni

“POP has taught me that my journey is much more than just physical change and that being successful doesn’t mean being perfect.” – Erica

“Realistic and positive support of a healthy mind and body!” – Hope

“POP has meant body composition improvements even with vacation and awesome food, multiple holiday gatherings, work travel, date nights, coffee creamer, dinner with friends, ice cream, and vodka… a sustainable lifetime approach based on ‘my’ non-negotiables and desire for functional health and well-being as I age.” – Melissa

“To me, POP means freedom and understanding. I feel more myself than I have for a long time and I have the support to embrace that. I have the freedom to live life and know that I have control over my body to overcome whatever weight/nutrition challenge that comes – which stems from understanding. The change in anxiety surrounding food is life changing.” – KeithAnn

“POP meant to me that there is nothing wrong with me. It’s taught me to love myself.” – Jessica

“It has given me the flexibility to still be me while learning how to push the limits of what I thought was possible.” – Lori

“POP is a way of life to live happy, healthy, and has led me to exceed any and all goals, and it isn’t over yet.” – Teresa

“POP has taught me to be inflexible about the goals I choose, but to be flexible about the method.” – Suri

“I don’t need to be perfect for things to be effective. The plan just needs to be right for me.” – Erica

“Freedom!!!!” – Billi

“Self esteem, self worth, and self love.” – Rachael

“POP to me has given me the knowledge to figure out who I am and how to get to where I want to be physically and mentally.” – Colleen

“POP has helped me make an ally of myself. I know what I need, what I enjoy and what is sustainable.” – Wanda

“POP has helped me realize that I am to find balance and that I am capable of reaching my goals.” – Sarah

“POP has given me a chance to feel like myself again. I’ve developed a healthier mindset, a chance to figure out what my path is and why I want this path, feeling less guilt about my choices, and learning that consistency will guide me to my successes. And it takes time and patience!” – Kristin

“POP is a chance in mindset so you can keep training, eating, and living life the way you want consistently to achieve your goals in all of those three assets of your life.” – AZ

I really don’t know what else I can say that hasn’t been said in way better words than I could ever come up with.

This means everything to me and my team.

Now JOIN US!!!

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