Prioritizing Yourself Leads to BIG Benefits!

by | May 18, 2023

Have you ever taken a minute to think about all of the various benefits of prioritizing yourself, your health and your fitness? Like, aside from the obvious change in your body composition, what else will you achieve?

Seriously, start rattling off all the benefits in your mind.

I’ll help …

The obvious benefits you’ll notice from prioritizing yourself:

  • Clothes fitting better
  • Not hiding from pictures
  • Loving what you see in the mirror
  • Having more energy
  • Having more confidence
  • Being in a better mood
  • Feeling stronger
  • Building muscle
  • Setting a better example for your kids
  • Experiencing less stress
  • No more frustration with lack of progress
  • Enjoying a better relationship with food
  • Feeling at peace in your own skin
  • Feeling like a badass in the gym

Anything else I missed?

So, we did this thing where we randomly surveyed some former POP clients to see what they would say about the things they experienced and achieved through the program.

We guessed the obvious things:

  • My body finally changed the way I wanted it to after nothing else worked for me.
  • I improved my relationship with food and no longer stress and obsess over food.
  • I never have to start over again.
  • I know exactly what works for my body.
  • My mindset is completely different and my internal dialogue has dramatically improved.

Those were the common themes. Some people mentioned being stronger than they ever imagined. Some mentioned having more energy. Some mentioned the impact on their work and family life … like showing up more confidently at work and feeling more present with their family.

All beautiful answers.

The secret benefits of prioritizing yourself

Then, we noticed something funny.

There was a common thread amongst every single person that we surveyed.

We didn’t even see it coming.

And yet, 100% of the people said it.

Can you guess what it is?

I’ll give you some hints:

It’s something you can do alone or with a partner. It’s something you can do in multiple positions. It requires physical movement and maybe even some coordination. It can be intense and sweaty. It’s something people often crave and seek out for satisfaction.

Answer: Yoga!

Just kidding. It was the obvious thing.


Literally every single person that we surveyed said that their sex life dramatically improved as a result of the program.

Which seems obvious now but we completely overlooked that as a potential benefit.

Improve your body composition and body image and you’ll experience amazing results.

Yesterday, I was at the gym doing legs (that’s right … I said, legs).

I was listening to an episode of Diary of a CEO and the guest on the show was a sex expert.

She was referencing a recent study that came out that showed the connection between body image and sex.

Positive body image led to significant improvements in sexual satisfaction, frequency of sex, pleasure, and just about every single metric that they monitored in the study.

I was listening and thought … duh! Of course. When you prioritize yourself, improve your physical health, work on your mental well-being, and do things that make you feel your best and improve your confidence …

Of course it’s going to carry over into the bedroom.

Then, I couldn’t help but think about all of the husbands who have been unsupportive of their wives investing in coaching.

Tell me it’s not the ultimate irony.

These dudes telling their spouses to not join coaching and then wondering why they’re not getting any lol. It reminds me of that Scooby Doo meme where it’s like … “who is the one creating all of your problems?” And then the mask is pulled off the culprit and it’s you.

Anyway, I may need to change the tag line for POP. “Achieve the body composition you desire with total food freedom while experiencing more O’s than ever before.”

I’m cracking myself up over here.

Prioritize health and fitness and you could be surprised at what you get in return.

In all seriousness, the benefits of prioritizing yourself and achieving your goals extend well beyond what you think on the surface.

The physical results are fun but everything else, in my opinion, is even better.

The mindset shift, the food freedom, the confidence, the sex life, the family dynamic.

In fact, yesterday on our team call, Coach Liz said that she had 6 clients who all said that they are noticing the impact they are having on their kids. 6 clients! This wasn’t some one-off thing. 6 different clients all said that their kids are more interested in movement and eating well simply by watching their moms do it.

That’s what this is about.

That and … ya know, getting freaky more often.

POP – getting people laid since 2018.

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