Progress Is About More Than the Scale

by | Mar 30, 2023

Progress is about more than the scale.

Everyone says that but what does it actually mean??

You tell me … what are some other areas that are important to you? Health? Strength? How you feel? Your relationship with food? Building sustainable habits?

Let’s look at some real life examples as I recap our team call that happened yesterday where we share client wins and struggles.

Take the focus off the scale and embrace all the other progress that’s being made.

Coach Ashley kicked things off with a huge client win on the mindset side of things. This is someone who is always looking to “optimize” but had a hard time staying consistent with the basics. It’s tough to optimize when the foundation hasn’t been solidified.

She had expressed some frustration over the fact that her weight hasn’t moved down as much as she’d like but this week she had a huge lightbulb moment. She told Ashley that she never binges anymore, she trains consistently regardless of her crazy schedule, she walks no matter what the weather is like, and she feels mentally better than ever!

Sometimes it just clicks to stop putting so much pressure on the scale and to embrace all of the other progress that’s being made which is truly what makes this whole ordeal sustainable. Now, she’ll be able to carry this forward and make any physical progress she wants (with a little guidance from her coach).

Client progress: breaking out of the under eating cycle

Coach Becky was up next and shared a client story that could basically be the poster child for POP. This is the situation we deal with the most … client comes to us significantly under eating, always trying to lose weight, and living by the eat less, do more model. With that comes a lot of fear around eating more and anxiety around being social because of potential weight gain.

Becky has done a lot of mindset work with her and got her calories up while helping her drop 8 lbs. of fat. It’s always fulfilling to see how our clients react when they realize they can get leaner by eating more and being flexible in their approach.

This particular client had a loss in her family and leaned on Becky when the scale jumped up 3 lbs. Becky talked her through it, helped her to focus on what she could control, and then not long after she hit a new low on the scale. To me, it’s not about the scale. It’s about the freedom of breaking out of the under eating cycle.

Coach Kortney shared a client struggle and asked for help from the group. She has a client that is experiencing major gut issues. She’s gone to her doctor and has basically been prescribed pill after pill and nothing has helped. She’s feeling really frustrated about the whole process.

Fortunately, we have coaches who specialize in gut and hormone health. So we put together an action plan to go through to see if we can get things resolved with some nutrition and lifestyle interventions. If that doesn’t work, we’ll do some testing to see what’s going on.

This has happened before. In fact, Ashley had a client in a similar situation where her weight was not budging at all. Just to test how stubborn her body was being, Ashley had her do a short term stint on very low calories. The client was insanely consistent and her weight barely budged. Then, Ashley helped her though an elimination diet to figure out what foods were causing issues and the client lost 9 lbs. in 2 weeks.

Giving your body what it needs promotes recovery and RESULTS!

Coach Mel had a client who experienced something almost identical. Sometimes there are foods that just don’t sit well and they cause chronic inflammation. Makes it very difficult to lose weight. Once we pinpoint the issue, it makes a huge difference.

Coach Leah was up next and shared a client win that is another very common story for us. Oftentimes, when someone loses weight the restrictive way, they begin over exercising. Typically, 7 days per week and they refuse to take rest days.

The thought process is that they have to keep a high calorie burn each day to maintain their results and they fear that if they take a rest day, they’ll gain weight. The problem is … your body needs to recover. And working out 7 days per week makes you more prone to getting sick.

This particular client got sick and finally listened to Leah that a rest day was necessary. She took 2 rest days in a row and then reported back that she felt AMAZING! Giving your body what it needs is a beautiful thing. This will also help her trust Leah more as they just started working together and she now sees for herself the importance of recovery.

Coach Mel shared a win that is also relevant to me. Mel and I are running our POP Essentials program which is our mid-tier coaching program. We did our first week of check-ins this past weekend and had over 95% compliance! It was truly remarkable. So many people are embracing the long game, diving in to the mindset work we’re having them do, and focusing on sustainability vs. instant results. It’s really cool to see.

I spent a lot of time providing perspective on how much progress was truly made in such a short period of time, even if the client didn’t see it for themselves. Mel said that she was blown away by how many of our clients in the program were engaged and committed. Very rewarding for both of us.

Want to see ultimate progress? Get help from a nutrition coach!

Meghan shared a cool win about Essentials as well. She had several conversations with clients who weren’t quite ready for 1 on 1 coaching but wanted to start in Essentials. They got extra excited to be able to have access to JK’s programming and then reported back to Meghan that they are loving it so far.

Also, she had a couple of those individuals who started in Essentials and then upgraded to 1 on 1 because they felt like … if that’s the level of service and responsiveness they get in Essentials … then 1 on 1 must be truly next level. And they quickly realized that it is :).

Amy concluded with a win that stemmed from a conversation with her and Cat. One of the things I love so much about POP is that most of the team started out as clients. So they speak from experience. Amy and Cat have both had their own transformations that are pretty remarkable. Especially if you know their stories and the things they’ve had to overcome.

Well, like anyone, they also struggle at times. And currently, they have both feeling like progress has been stalled for a bit. Amy recognized that the things she’s learned through POP are about sustainability and the daily mindset. That she knows how to make small shifts to elicit big changes but there are seasons and phases of life and sometimes those small sacrifices aren’t worth it. She has full awareness over what she needs to do and how to do it. And she gets to choose if it’s worth it or not.

That’s empowerment at it’s finest.

Another impactful team call in the books and I find myself more energized than ever after hearing from everyone, whether it’s a win or a struggle.

We have something special going on over here and I love being able to share it with you.

Hope this helps you understand that you’re not alone and there is always a solution to whatever it is you’re struggling with.

We’re here for you whenever you’re ready.

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