I created a course … Just Eat Academy.

It’s $97. It’s 8 weeks long. You get access to the materials for-eva.

The reason I did this is because of my own personal struggle with food, which I’ve shared a bunch, so I’ll spare you today.

There’s another reason as well. You see, our coaching is designed to help you achieve a mind and body transformation.

That process involves nutritional science and mindset – calories, macros, habits, training, stress management, sleep, etc. And, with proper individualization and periodization, it yields pretty remarkable results.

But, I still noticed a common theme … we all struggle in our relationship with food in some way, shape, or form. Me, you, everyone. We have a hard time learning how to just eat.

This course is the solution. It’s something I’m passionate about from a personal standpoint but also because it’s such a need.

If you can realistically commit 15-30 minutes per day (on average, not every single day) for the next 8 weeks …

You’ll head into summer with more confidence around food, without fear of binge eating, emotional eating, stress eating, guilt, shame, or food obsession.

JUST EAT … and feel damn good about it.

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