Should You Eat That Cupcake?

by | Oct 2, 2020

Food provides comfort.

It’s not just fuel. It’s not just energy.

It’s emotion. It’s social. It’s experience. It’s nostalgic. It’s pleasure.

Food does not judge

There is no inherent morality attached to food.

Eating a cupcake does not make you a bad person.

Not eating a cupcake does not make you a good person.

Many people (myself included) have felt that uncomfortable feeling of guilt and shame after making certain food choices.

That’s not something we are born with.

That’s something we are taught.

Through years and years of messaging from the diet industry.

A cupcake has little to no nutrient value.

So, you’ve likely been led to believe that you shouldn’t eat the cupcake.

That doing so would derail your progress because it’s high in sugar and fat and it doesn’t fill you up so you’re likely to keep eating more.

So, should you eat the cupcake?

It’s the wrong question to ask …

The better question is why does the cupcake (or cookie or ice cream or donut or pizza) have control over you?

And, how can you make the decision that best serves you without guilt, shame, or remorse?

Sometimes, you’ll want to eat the cupcake because it’s delicious. Being able to eat it and enjoy it and not even think twice is massive progress for some.

Sometimes, you won’t want to eat the cupcake. Being able to avoid it without thinking twice is massive progress for some.

This is called dietary freedom.

It’s what we teach and strive for with our clients.

Most of our clients have a physical goal, which is all well and good.

However, if we get them to their physical goal but food still has control over them … how long do you think their results would last?

Not very.

Our job is complete when physical results meet dietary freedom and we know those results will last forever.

Remember that food is an enjoyable part of life and has many different roles and meanings.

The cupcake is simply one example

Think of a food that has played a significant role in your life …

Maybe it’s your mom’s homemade pasta that always hit at the right time.

Or going out for pancakes with your dad on Sunday mornings.

Or a recipe that was passed down from generations.

Those foods are part of who you are.

When you restrict them and deprive yourself based on what someone else told you that you “can or can’t” eat … you’re losing a part of yourself in that process.

We believe in a whole person approach to a lifetime of success and dietary freedom.

I have yet to see any other way work long term.

Does this make sense?

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