Success is Just Beyond the Distractions

by | Sep 9, 2021

There’s a reason I only ever talk about the same shit, over and over …

It’s because everything else is mostly a distraction.

Are you listening to the distractions?

I could bore you all day about how many meals to eat per day …

But it’s irrelevant. And simple …

Eat the number of meals that feels best for you and allows for the highest level of consistency.

I could go into the weeds about fasting and break down the pros and cons of various different forms of fasts …

But that wouldn’t help you at all.

Fast for the amount of time that feels best for you and allows for the highest level of consistency (I don’t care if that’s 8 hours, 12 hours, 16 hours, whatever).

I could certainly nerd out on a lot of topics like meal timing, supplements, high intensity vs. low intensity cardio, etc. …

And every once in a while … it’s fun to do that.

But, the reality is that most of it is just noise.

A distraction from what truly matters.

You see … when you get caught up in the minutiae, you start majoring in the minors.

You spend so much energy focusing on your intermittent fasting protocol that you ignore the fact that it’s causing you to binge at night.

It’s ok though … because some random dude on IG named Dr. Dikface said that you need to fast for 20 hours per day.

You spend so much energy focusing on how many meals you’re eating each day that you ignore all of the stress it’s causing you trying to make and pack 6 different things you enjoy.

It’s ok though … because Johnny Jackass said that 6 meals will stoke the metabolic fire.

Look … I get that it’s easier to search for “the thing.”

That there’s one thing out there you must be missing because it doesn’t seem right that you’ve been at this for so long and still not where you want to be.

So, it’s appealing to latch onto some douche canoe who’s telling you it must be fasting or eliminating carbs or only eating raw fruit or eating 6.27 meals per day or some ridiculous shake / meal replacement MLM program.

The truth isn’t as fun.

It sucks to believe that latching onto those things is part of the reason you’re not where you want to be right now.

It sucks to believe that you actually need to simplify the entire process and just be consistent and patient for a really long time.

It sucks to believe that your all or nothing mindset is more of the issue than the actual food that you’re eating.

It sucks to believe that you need to keep working the super basic shit like moving your body, drinking water, managing stress, sleeping, and eating mostly quality foods.

3 Important Keys to Your Success

I talk about 3 things almost 90% of the time …

Neurotyping … because you should understand yourself to know what motivates you, the mindset hurdles that are holding you back, and what will help you stay consistent.

Metabolic Priming … because you’ve probably been dieting for a really long period of time and it’s moving you further away from your goals. The best thing you can do for your body is actually eat adequately enough and remove a lot of the stress you’re putting on your system.

Lifestyle Integration … because no one teaches you how to make this a process that actually allows you to live your life and enjoy it. You should still prioritize the things you love. You should still be social. You should still be present for life experiences. You should not be stressing about food 24/7.

That’s it.

Simple and effective.

Build a strong foundation and do the boring work for a long time and never look back.

It’s not easy because distractions are everywhere.

In fact, I can guarantee that after reading this … you’ll probably stumble upon another distraction very soon.

Which is why you need accountability and someone to help you put blinders on.

That’s what we’re here for.

When you’re ready to make that move, simply shoot me a private message on FB.
We got you covered.

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