The Mindset Shift That Unlocks Results

by | May 11, 2022

If you want what most people don’t have …

You have to be willing to do things that most people won’t do.

Most people don’t maintain a weight they are comfortable with.

According to a recent study, approximately 28% of men and 26% of women are satisfied with their looks.

When it comes to their bodies, in particular, those numbers drop to 26% and 17%, respectively.

Which means you are in pursuit of something that only 1/4 to 1/5 of people have.

So if you truly want to change …

If you truly want to achieve your body composition goals and stay there …

You should probably stop doing what the majority does.

Most people say they want to be extraordinary and then take ordinary actions.

Here’s what’s funny …

You probably think I’m teeing this up to tell you to work harder, be more disciplined, and do more.

Quite the contrary.

Most people already do that.

They jump into a program and want to do all the things.

Check all the boxes.

And once all the boxes are checked, they ask … what more should I do?!

That mentality is what I call the fast pass to self destruction.

You spend so much time looking for boxes to check that eventually you start to create boxes that don’t exist.

And you wake up one day and there are too many damn boxes.

So you don’t check them.

Then you feel like a failure.

Then you start to tell yourself how this is yet another of example of why you’ll never be successful.

Program number 1,739 … another failed attempt.

Eventually, you’ll get slapped in the face with motivation and you’ll do the same thing all over again.

Try to do everything perfectly yet again.

Each day is another attempt at beating your best.

But it’s really hard to PR every fuckin day.

So, once again, you self destruct.

Mindset shift: Extraordinary people don’t do more.

They don’t create arbitrary boxes just to check them.

They don’t ask … what else can I do to make this process quicker?

In fact, they are so dialed in on what they want that the only thing they care about is moving CLOSER …

Not doing more.

Each day is just another day.

They don’t try to PR.

They don’t try to beat their best.

They create a process and a plan where their average effort is good enough.


Because thinking you can be at your best each day is a recipe for self destruction.

Imagine going to the gym each day and trying to lift the heaviest weight you’ve ever lifted.

How long until you wreck yourself?

Extraordinary people let their average be good enough and on days when they find themselves in the zone, they take advantage.

But they don’t expect that as the norm.

I’ll give you a practical example.

Here’s the mindset shift you need to get better results …

Person 1 is like most people.

Person 1 has a goal of fat loss and is determine to accomplish it.

Person 1 goes to the gym every day. Person 1 tracks their macros meticulously 7 days per week. Person 1 does cardio 3 days per week. Person 1 tracks all sorts of data like heart rate, steps, sugar, sodium, recovery, and more. Person 1 gets frustrated when things aren’t progressing and tries to push the gas pedal when that happens. Person 1 feels like a failure when things aren’t perfect.

Person 2 is extraordinary.

Person 2 also has a goal of fat loss and is determined to accomplish it.

Person 2 can confidently get to the gym 3 days per week. Person 2 tracks their macros using ranges and also takes some days off from tracking. Person 2 doesn’t track a ton of data … only the data that informs behavior. Person 2 focuses on the bare minimum habits that will make for a successful day. Person 2 figures if he/she eats mostly quality food, moves his/her body in some way, and reads for 10 minutes each day … then that day is a win.

Person 2 doesn’t care if nothing else goes right on any given day or if things aren’t perfect.

Person 1 starts and stops over and over again. Constantly asking the question … what more can I be doing?

Person 2 is living life in a way that allows time and randomness to take care of what they’re trying to accomplish.

Person 1 is playing a game where the odds are stacked to the downside.

Person 2 is playing a game where the odds are stacked to the upside.

Hopefully this makes sense.

Are YOU ready for a mindset shift?

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

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