The Most Important Number In Your Life

by | Jun 16, 2021

There’s only 1 number you need to concern yourself with and it’s the most important number in your life.

Can you guess it?

I’m willing to bet you can’t.

In fact, I’ll give you 10 guesses and you still won’t get it.

Go ahead and guess.

No peeking. 😉


The most important number you need to know is …

It’s 51.

That’s right … 51.

This number is everything.

If utilized properly, it’ll create more success in your life than you ever imagined.

Not just success in your fitness and nutrition … but legitimately your entire life.

So, why 51?

What’s the relevance?

I’m glad you asked.

There’s a very important thing that’s completely necessary and totally unavoidable in order to accomplish what you’d like to accomplish.

It’s called action.

Not just any action, but relentless pursuit.

More specifically, relentless pursuit in the face of fear, doubt, and uncertainty.

Ahhh … that’s the kicker.

Are you ready for ACTION?

What happens when FEAR is debilitating?

What happens when the outcome is uncertain?

What happens when your brain can’t predict the future so it tries to keep securely tucked away in your comfort zone?

I’ll tell you what happens … you must take action anyway but most don’t.

This is where 51 is the most important number in your life.

As in … you don’t need to be 100% confident in your decisions.

You just need to be 51% sure.

In fact, 100% is a myth that keeps you stuck.

It doesn’t exist.

Most people talk themselves out of doing anything because they aren’t “100% sure.”

Guess what … that thought process is guaranteed to cause stagnation and frustration.

When you’re 51% sure, you move forward.

Here’s why this works so well …

Any action will unveil the path that really needs to be followed.

So even if the 51% decision is the “wrong” decision, it’ll illuminate that quickly and allow you to pivot and move forward.

Waiting for 100% means you’ll be waiting forever.

Who wins in that scenario?


Here’s the fucked up part …

I’ve witnessed individuals who were 90% sure they needed something and they allowed the 10% to win.

They knew with 90% certainty that they should invest in coaching and join our program.

But they wanted 100%.

So, they allowed the 10% to convince them that they couldn’t move forward.

And guess what happened in every single one of those scenarios?

They sat in their current situation for longer.

They wasted more time, energy, and money.

And, they eventually circled back around after months of added frustration to finally realize that they should’ve just trusted their gut the first time.

When you are sitting in certain misery (aka you aren’t where you want to be physically, you’re uncomfortable, insecure, feeling stressed about food and your body, feeling stuck, feeling broken) …

And you are waiting for 100% to make a change …

Then, by definition, you are choosing certain misery (your current situation) over uncertainty (doing things differently).

All you need is 51%.

Ready to put the most important number to use?

Make the decision and go.

You’ll quickly see how this concept can dramatically change your entire life and unlock a world of results that you never imagined possible.

Now … if you’ve been waiting for 100% to reach out to me about our coaching program … and it’s been holding you back from that important first step …

Let this be your wake up call.

If you had messaged me at 51%, you’d already be well on your way to reaching your goals.

Think about that for a second.

So, maybe it’s time to move forward.

Shoot me a private message on FB and we can chat about how our signature 6 month coaching program can help you achieve the physical results that have be eluding you for so long while completely repairing your relationship with food.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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