The PROCESS Is Greater Than the PRODUCT

by | Jul 30, 2020

The reason why you didn’t lose weight after one month …

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Tell me if this sounds familiar …

You decide to start a new program because you’re ready to make some progress towards better health or you just want to look better naked. 🤷‍♂️

You hit the grocery store, commit to working out more consistently, and jump in with both feet.

A month goes by … you step back on the scale and … WTF?! 🤬

No change.

You’re frustrated. You’re discouraged.

You think … why even bother with the effort I’m putting in if it’s not even making a difference?!

So, you quit.

What’s wrong with this process?

In my experience, there are 3 possibilities here and 1 major lesson.

1. You weren’t consistent enough.
2. You weren’t patient enough.
3. You weren’t honest with yourself.

Number 1 is tricky because it’s a balancing act where consistency is important but the pursuit of perfection is a dangerous game.

Truly, we want to find a level of consistency that feels sustainable AND enjoyable.

Meaning, it still allows you to live your life and have fun while you’re doing it!

Number 2 is the most common.

Change takes time! I recently cut for 6 weeks for a photo shoot.

The scale didn’t budge for the first 3 weeks.

Did I quit and say why bother? Of course not.

I’ll explain why in just a bit but the bottom line is … my body wasn’t ready to respond at that point.

The last 3 weeks it was. BE PATIENT.

How about some perspective real quick …

I spent almost a decade treating my body like shit … that’s approx 120 months.

To treat my body well for one month and then quit if it doesn’t respond immediately would be asinine!

Moving on …

Number 3 is pretty common as well and can take a number of different forms.

Were you honest with yourself about “doing all the right things?”

Were you honest with yourself about listening to your body? For example, were you hungry AF and very low energy but kept saying that you were “fine”?

Were you honest with yourself about doing things that may have been holding you back? Like drinking excessively?

Sometimes, a dose of honest self reflection is needed.

What’s the lesson in all of this?

It’s the lesson I learned the hard way. It’s the lesson that kept me moving forward during this latest cut that was pretty miserable.

The PROCESS is greater than the PRODUCT.

Research shows (as does personal anecdote) that if you’re in it for a final outcome, you’re going to have a much harder time staying consistent.

If you’re in it for the process, you’re going to learn, grow, evolve, and realize just how much you’re capable of.

Oh … and you’ll just so happen to achieve the outcome you want as well.

Seems like a simple choice.

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