The Question You Should Be Asking Yourself

by | Jun 11, 2021

So, here’s something you may not know about me …

When I was younger, I was kind of a jackass.

My past wasn’t so pretty

I’m pretty sure my parents lost countless hours of sleep worrying about the dark path I was headed down.

I was rebellious, I hated authority, and I did things my way.

And, I found myself in some precarious situations.

To say I was lucky to come out relatively unscathed would be an understatement.

I went to college, but completely wasted the opportunity to better myself.

I spent 4 years doing the bare minimum.

I cared more about drinking and partying than I did about class.

I’m not sure how I even graduated with an attendance so low.

After college, I bounced around between some shitty corporate jobs for a while and let’s just say that the future wasn’t looking all that bright.

Oh, and this was the time that I gained about 80 lbs. and had entered my chronic dieting phase.

I guess I can’t call it a phase since it lasted for so damn long but bear with me here.

Here’s the mindset shift that changed my life …

There was a distinct moment I remember when my parents told me they wanted to come visit me at my apartment.

They took me out to dinner and basically posed the following question …

Are you ever going to get your shit together?

Those weren’t their exact words but that was the basic gist.

My answer … I dunno.

I started to think about all of the “things” that would have to be done in order to get my shit together.

And it felt overwhelming.

Not to mention the fact that I never liked being told what to do.

Then, there was a specific mindset shift that changed the entire trajectory of my life.

I was laying up at night staring at the ceiling because I couldn’t sleep.

My mind was racing.

I took a deep breath and I asked myself a simple question …

What happens if you don’t?

Ummmm … fuck.

That seemed way too scary to think about.

Like what happens in 5 years from now or 10 years from now if you don’t take action?

If you don’t make a change. If you don’t get your shit together.

I didn’t like what I saw.

So, I turned my life around.

That mindset shift turned into action.

I started an online business (because the whole not being told what to do never left me lol) and was eventually bought out by my business partner.

I then went on to become a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and then owner of POP.

Ironically, the EXACT same question is how I snapped out of my chronic dieting dark days.

After going through all of the restrictive fad diets …

Losing and gaining and losing and gaining for years …

I was completely tapped out, mentally.

Then, I had an opportunity to work with a coach.

Like a real coach that I knew could help me break out of the mess I was in.

But I hesitated.

I talked myself out of it at first.

I couldn’t help but think about all of the money I had spent. The time I had wasted. And the energy I had drained on other programs.

Even though I knew this would be different … I made every excuse in the book.

Until that one question crept back into my head …

What happens if I don’t do it?

Well … fuck.

That seemed way too scary.

If I’m still in this mess in 5 years from now, that is not ok.

The cost of not doing it was too great.

So I joined.

And that coach changed the way I view nutrition and fitness.

Changed my relationship with food, my relationship with exercise, and how I coach clients and educate other coaches.

All because of that one question …

What if I don’t do it?

Are YOU ready to make a change?

You may be in a similar situation.

You may have been struggling for years.

You may have been burned by the very same diets and programs that burned me.

You may be thinking about all of the time, money, and energy spent on trying to figure this out.

And, you may be tapped out.

You may be talking yourself out of reaching out to me … even though your gut is screaming at you … this FEELS different.

You know what? It IS different.

I’ve been where you are and crawled out of that hole.

Our clients have been where you are and we’ve guided them out of that hole.

So before you justify your inaction … whether you think it’s a timing issue, a money issue, or that you’re just different so it won’t work …

Ask yourself that powerful question …

What if you don’t do it?

What if you’re still in the same place with the same struggles with the same frustration in 5 years … 10 years … or longer?

What is it costing you to believe your excuses?

I’ll leave you with that thought for today.

And, if you’re ready to make a mindset shift that will fundamentally change the way you approach nutrition, your relationship with food, and your freedom, shoot me a private message on FB.

I look forward to chatting with you soon!

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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