The Real Cost of Fad Diets

by | Feb 20, 2021

Why will this time be any different?

If there was one question I wish I would’ve asked myself 10 years ago … it would be that.

With each failed dieting attempt. With every time I lost weight and gained it back …

I wish I would’ve taken a moment to ask … why will this time be any different … before signing up for another program that had the same objective …

Eat less. Exercise more.

My story often mirrors the individuals we help.

The vicious cycle of fad diets 

Typically, the journey looks something like this …

Wake-up call: I feel frustrated and unhappy with my weight, how I look, and how my clothes fit.

Enough is enough … I’m taking action.

Signs up for a 12 week program (gym challenge, WW, or whatever fad diet seemed appealing).

Average cost: $200-$500

Result: restricts calories, battles hunger and cravings, loses weight during the 12 weeks but gains it back after 8 weeks and it comes at the cost of being in a worse position metabolically (I detailed how this happens in a post which you can read here).

Cost: $200-$500, 20 weeks, weight gain + metabolic damage, feelings of shame, guilt, and frustration.

Often times, there’s a period of “fuck-it” that exists for another couple of months.

I mean, it’s fun to go out with friends and not worry about “off-limits” food and being able to drink whenever.

However, after a couple of months … those feelings creep back in …

Wake-up call: UGH … I’m the heaviest I’ve been in ages. How could I let this happen? I HAVE to get my shit together.

Hears about macros and signs up for a glorified macro calculator that claims to be a coaching program (i.e. Noom or any of the hundreds of programs like it).

Average cost: $50-$250/mo.

Result: tracks macros religiously, loses some weight, starts to obsess over tracking, gets anxiety over foods that can’t be tracked, is told to hit macros more consistently, burns out, binges, gains weight back with a disordered relationship with food.

Cost: $50-$250/mo., 12 weeks, food anxiety and obsession, perfectionism, and feeling like a failure.

This is often followed up with a period of not tracking just to break free of the shackles felt when being told to hit macros perfectly every single day for 3 months.

Fad diets cost more than time and money

However, after a couple of months, the thoughts turn to … “maybe I need to start tracking again.”

Wake-up call: I can’t believe I’m back at square one! I should’ve just had more discipline. I mean, the macros were working if I had just stayed with them and been more consistent. I need to do it for real this time!

Signs up for a different glorified macro-calculator.

Another couple hundred per month go down the drain. The obsessive tendencies come back. The same frustration settles in.

The outcome: $500-$2,000 spent, 1 year gone, gained weight overall, metabolic damage, food anxiety/obsession, feeling like a failure who will never accomplish their goals.

This is a single snapshot of what I went through for a VERY long time. It wasn’t one year … it was YEARS.

And, many of our clients experience the same. Sometimes for DECADES.

So, multiply those costs and time frames by at least 10.

What if you didn’t have to spend money on another diet?

One of our clients recently told me that she had spent $40,000 on diets and was in tears after joining our program because she never has to spend another dime on diets for the rest of her life.

I read a statistic that said the average dieter spends up to $112,000 on diets and diet related products in their lifetime.

At first, I was shocked, but after seeing the pattern that I outlined above happen over and over again, it actually makes perfect sense.

This is an industry that profits on your failure.

For me, it’s not even the money that’s alarming … it’s the TIME. Those years that we can never get back.

This is why our clients are so relieved after just a short period of working with us.

They realize the amount of money they’re saving but, more importantly, they don’t have to waste any more time.

It’s a massive stress relief.

No more metabolic damage. No more food anxiety or obsession.

Just true freedom and peace of mind. And finally, accomplishing goals that felt impossible not long ago.

The number 1 regret that I hear from our clients …  “I wish I had joined sooner.”

The way we deliver those results is not complicated, but it certainly flies in the face of what most programs say.

Almost every program tries to coerce you into eating as little as possible … we focus on eating more.

Not just eating more for the sake of doing so but eating more to support your metabolism. I call this metabolic priming and it’s where you eat enough calories to ensure that your body feels safe enough to let go of unwanted body fat.

We also provide the proper macronutrient ratios to support your muscle mass and body composition so you can burn more calories at rest and look better naked.

Our process with macros includes a high level of flexibility to accommodate personality types and lifestyle. For some, tracking adds stress so we take more of a meal composition and eyeballing approach. For others, we use a combination of tracked and untracked days.

Our program is built around the individual.

We also build in sustainability by making sure you have the freedom to enjoy your life. We tell you how often you can eat freely and indulge and we build in things like restaurant meals, alcohol, fun foods, etc.

That way, you can completely remove the anxiety or stress around food.

We also align your nutrition with your training program to maximize your results through fueling performance appropriately and allowing for adequate recovery. No more spinning your wheels or working really hard with nothing to show for it.

One of the most important parts of the process is monitoring the daily stressors in your life and seeing firsthand how your body is responding. That way, we can see what’s working and make adjustments to ensure that you reach your goals.

Often times, it’s the small habits related to stress, sleep, movement, hydration, or food quality that we tweak or install that make a big difference.

Lastly, we find that consistency is much easier for our clients because we make specific food recommendations based on your brain chemistry and personality type. Consistency becomes more effortless when you feel more like yourself, have less stress overall, and experience better mood stability.

All of this is accomplished in our signature 6-month, 1:1 coaching program for women who have struggled with failed dieting for years and finally want a sustainable way to lose those last 20-30 lbs.

If that’s you and you want to see if our program is the right fit, simply click the button below and PM me on Facebook and we’ll discuss your goals to see if we can help! I’ll ask you a few questions to make sure it’s the right fit and we decide that it is, we can get you enrolled this week!

Much love,

Coach Mike

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