The Real Weight Holding You Back

by | May 28, 2021

This will be the realest shit I ever wrote.

You’re carrying a lot of baggage.

The REAL weight that’s holding up your progress

Like a lot of baggage that you don’t even realize.

I’d classify it as a fuck ton of baggage.

And trust me, it’s not light.

Quite the contrary.

That baggage is heavy.

And, it’s weighing you down.

Where did you get that baggage?

It’s been accumulating over years … maybe (likely) decades.

Here’s the real slap in the face …

You’ll never be successful until you get rid of that baggage.

You have to toss it.

Throw it away.

It’s not serving you.

It’s keeping you stuck.

It’s like you’re trying to climb up a hill with a rope around your waist.

And, tied to the other end of that rope is your baggage dragging you back down, every time you take a step forward.

What IS the baggage?

That’s the million dollar question.

It’s all the shit you’ve picked up after years and decades of dieting.

It’s every single bullshit fad diet that you’ve tried.

It’s every piece of misinformation that you’ve consumed.

It’s every disordered thought around food that’s been instilled in you.

It’s every belief around what dieting “should” look like.

It’s every time you felt not worthy enough.

It’s every time you felt like a failure.

Year after year … diet after diet … simply accumulating more baggage to weigh you down.

Well, it stops today.

It’s time to drop the weight … aka the ‘baggage’

Now it’s time that you cut the cord.

Every time you tried a restrictive diet and failed … it wasn’t your fault.

Toss that baggage the fuck out.

Every time you were told to keep eating less to make progress … that wasn’t your fault either.

Toss that baggage the fuck out.

Every program that made you feel like perfection was only path to success … was full of shit.

Toss that baggage the fuck out.

Every disordered thought around food … was instilled in you to keep you stuck and spending more money on programs that don’t work.

Toss that baggage the fuck out.

Get rid of it all.

It’s not serving you and you deserve to be free.

Start with a clean slate.

What are you defined by?

You are not your past.

You are not defined by your food choices or your body weight.

You have everything you need right now to be successful.

You just need to separate from the old way of thinking and begin down a new path.

A path where perfection doesn’t exist.

A path where failure is a necessary and an embraced step towards success.

A path where you make choices because of how much better you feel making them and not because it’s what you’re “supposed” to do.

It’s time.

Take a stand and toss that baggage out forever.

You need to let it go and feel that weight lift off your shoulders.

Say it to yourself …

It was never my fault.

It’s my responsibility to do things differently.

Now, say it to me.

Seriously … put it out there and make it real.

Can’t wait to hear.

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