The Top 5 Mistakes You’re Making

by | Jun 30, 2021

Want to stop self sabotage for good?

It begins with a very important first step.

It’s the same first step that’s required for every single process of change.


Seems obvious, right?

You have to know what the problem is in order to solve it.

Self sabotage happens in all different shapes and sizes.

Mostly rooted in fear.

More specifically, fear of failure.

I am up bright and early this morning as I have an early flight to Nashville to catch and it reminded me of something.

When I used to travel, I would sabotage everything.

It was a total shit show.

I would come home feeling defeated and then I would search for the next restrictive program to try.

In fact, it was right after an extended weekend at The Arnold one year that I decided to try a 4 shakes per day plus a single 500 calorie meal diet.


Worked like a charm … lost weight quickly and gained it back just as quickly the next time I went away.

Sound familiar?

Ever feel like all of your hard work is undone with a single trip or even in one weekend?

If so, you might be making one of the most common mistakes that’s causing self sabotage and preventing you from reaching your goals.

With that said, here are my top 5 most common mistakes that are keeping you stuck …

Mistake #1: Under-eating leads to self sabotage.

You are stubbornly set on eating too little due to impatience or feeling the need to “make up” for indulgences.

When I talk about my days of jumping from diet to diet … yes, I tried dozens of programs.

However, they were all the same. Just dressed up versions of the same shit.

So, when you say you need to make a change, and your change is another version of some restrictive, cookie cutter program … that’s not really changing.

And no, just following a macro calculator that also restricts you isn’t any better.

Get out of the chronic restriction cycle ASAP.

Mistake #2: You pivot too quickly.

Wait, I just got done telling you that you’re stubbornly not changing your approach and now I’m saying that you’re changing too quickly.

Confused yet?

Well here’s the problem …

You may have started to eat a little more and do things in a truly personalized manner.

You may have even begun listening to your body and are taking your foot off the gas pedal, finally.

Maybe you’ve noticed that the scale went up a pound and immediately called an audible.

Success can be boiled down to this …

The balance between being patient enough to do things the right way, while being impatient enough to not tolerate anything that puts you in a box.

Which brings me to my next point …

Mistake #3: You keep allowing yourself to be placed in a box.

What do I mean by that?

Keto is a box. Paleo is a box. Whole 30 is a box. Optavia is a box. A cookie cutter macro plan is a box.

Anything with a set of rules that everyone must follow is a box.

Look, there’s no one diet or way of eating that works for everyone.

If there was, we would’ve found it by now.

You’re an individual and even though it may sound more difficult to figure out what works best for you … it’s actually way easier than the alternative.

Because you can only live in a box for so long before you self sabotage.

So, you might make temporary progress but it won’t last.

Think of it like this …

If you went to order some frozen yogurt …

Imagine being told you can only have one flavor for the rest of your life.

With all those flavors to choose from and all of those glorious toppings …

You’re stuck with one flavor forever.

You may eat it for a while but eventually, you’re going to get sick of it and then go HAM on all the other flavors.

That’s what cookie cutter programs do to you.

Rather than be miserable with one flavor, it’s more fun to create your own glorious froyo treat.

Sometimes you’ll add a topping that you don’t love and you’ll quickly learn to remove that from your plan, I mean, your cup ;).

Mistake #4: Thinking you need to be perfect.

We can circle back to the travel example here.

Every time I came home after sabotaging myself, I always felt the need to try a new restrictive program and I also vowed to be perfect.

In fact, my perfectionist tendencies are what lead me to orthorexia.

I basically made every mistake on this list in one fell swoop.

The problem with trying to be perfect, aside from the obvious fact that perfect doesn’t exist …

Is that when you’re inevitably not perfect, you tend to let the pendulum swing hard in the opposite direction.

One decision can easily impact the next decision … and the next one … and so on.

You need to take perfection off the table altogether.

I heard one of the best strategies for not allowing one decision to ruin your day.

I believe it was from James Clear but I could be wrong on that.

Anyway, he said to divide your day into 4 quarters.

Morning, early afternoon, late afternoon, and evening.

If you make a poor decision in the morning, you didn’t lose the day …  you simply lost the first quarter.

You can easily lose the first quarter and still win the game.

I love that mindset.

Practice it. Use it. Master it.

Mistake #5: You keep telling yourself you should be able to figure it out on your own.

Here’s the deal … you can.

But, it’s going to take much longer. It’ll come with way more stress and frustration. And, you’ll question everything along the way.

Am I doing this right? Could I be doing it better? How do I know if it’s working?

When you make the investment in a coach (I mean a real coach, not a cookie cutter program disguised as coaching), you’ll save yourself time, mental energy, stress, and money.

You can keep talking yourself out of that commitment, and if you do, you’ll likely keep struggling.

Think about it like this … all of our clients who are successful …

All of the posts you see about people feeling amazing and looking their best after only a short while working with us …

They are no different than you.

Same background. Same struggles.

Only difference is they made the decision to invest in themselves.

Not because they are in a better place financially than you are …

Simply because they understood the value of time, eliminating stress and frustration, and showing up better for the people they love (like their kids and partner).

Stop the self sabotage and invest in yourself.

You have the exact same opportunity that they had.

You can take it and unlock the same freedom and peace of mind that they have …

Or, you can continue doing what you’ve been doing and hope that this time is different.

However, if you truly want to stop stressing about food and thinking about it 24/7…

If you truly want to set a better example for your kids …

If you truly want to feel and look your best because you know that you deserve it …

Then shoot me a private message on FB.

I’ll ask you a few questions to make sure you’re a good fit for our program. If you are, I’ll offer you an invite to join.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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