The Top 7 Ways the Fitness & Nutrition Industry has Failed You – Lack of Accountability & Support

by | Oct 6, 2019

Part 7:  Lack of Accountability & Support

I should say a lack of the RIGHT kind of accountability and support. Because I’ve seen a number of nutrition programs that provide “support.” But is it actually the kind of support you need to succeed?

My first ever nutrition challenge provided me with a set of rules, a grocery list, and a FAQ. That was it.

I’ve seen programs where the support is simply cheerleading. You had a rough weekend and all you get in return is “no worries! You’re awesome! Just get back on the plan!!”

I’ve even witnessed programs who use canned responses and copy/paste answers to their clients.

Real Nutrition Coaching

Real nutrition coaching requires real support. It’s more of an art than a science.

Accountability and support that propels you forward means helping you unpack your internal struggles. Addressing your self-limiting beliefs. Providing you the tools to improve your mindset.

It also means educating you and helping you apply that information within the context of your life.

Sometimes it means picking you up when you’re down and other times it means calling you out on your own bullshit.

The fitness and nutrition industry would rather hide behind rules, lists, and FB groups that don’t actually provide any real value.

Most of those FB groups remove any negative comments and then ban the people that had a poor experience.

The issue is that everyone else who is struggling only sees the positive stuff and they end up feeling like they are the only ones who are failing.

Not to mention the fear of getting kicked out of the group means most people are afraid to share their true feedback.

Have True Accountability

Having true accountability and support means you get to share the positive and the negative. You get to celebrate the successes and talk about the failures as well.

In fact, failures can be incredibly productive. First of all, it’s the best way to learn and grow. Second, there are likely a ton of other people who are experiencing the same hardships and can benefit from knowing they’re not alone.

The fitness and nutrition industry wants to act like this shit is easy. When it’s quite the opposite. Change is hard. It takes work, patience, discipline, struggle, and patience again.

The industry is not doing you any favors by acting like everyone is successful, no one struggles, and all you need to do is follow their rules to get results.

Real accountability and support looks a whole lot different than that.

Support, Education, and Guidance

True support, education, and guidance means that you are being HEARD and UNDERSTOOD. That who you are as a person is being considered and the things that are meaningful to you are being factored in.

Accountability and support are powerful and necessary tools. Just be smart about who you give that responsibility to and don’t settle for less than you deserve.

Ok time for a quick client update! I want you to see this because on Monday I’m going to tell you about an opportunity to improve your mindset in a truly transformative way.

Here’s what Amy had to say about her own mindset transformation:

“The biggest game changer has been my mindset. I have been through a lot and never once did I punish myself for a bad day of eating or training. Or not training.


I eat out with friends. I drink wine. I train hard. I take rest days. I still go to Mike almost daily. I live my life and I have never felt better in my own body than I do right now.


The lessons on this journey that make me keep going are priceless!”

Oh, and by the way, she also happens to be down over 30 pounds in the process!

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