Top 7 Ways the Fitness and Nutrition Industry has Failed You – Fear-Mongering

by | Oct 1, 2019

Part 4: Fear Mongering

Fear-mongering could probably be numbers 1 through 7. Where do we even begin?

If you were to believe the fitness and nutrition industry, you’d have to assume:

  • Your metabolism is broken
  • Your hormones are a mess
  • And your gut health is terrible

And that’s just the beginning. In order to “fix” these things, you need to follow some very advanced protocols and buy super expensive supplements.

This is not to undermine those of you who really do have hormonal dysfunction or digestive issues. It absolutely happens! However, it’s certainly not as prevalent as you might think.

And it doesn’t mean we should ignore all the basics and dump a bunch of money into some crazy guru’s pocket because he or she convinced you that you’re broken.

The REAL Fitness and Nutrition Truth

The amount of fear-mongering that is used in the fitness and nutrition space is embarrassing.

They want to sell you a problem, so they can sell you a solution. Here’s the simple truth …

MOST people can address their issues by focusing on the basics and just being more patient.

If we understand how to properly periodize things, read individual biofeedback, and create an environment of balance and sustainability, then we don’t have to worry about being “fixed” because we’re “broken.”

A very small percentage of people will have conditions that truly require an elaborate or complex approach.

The fitness and nutrition industry would have you believe that it’s everyone. That you need to be fixed. That the basics don’t apply to you.

It’s because as humans, we often make decisions based on our emotions. Fear-mongering conjures up emotions and puts you in a susceptible state to buy whatever they’re selling.

Anything that makes you feel “less than” is something you can ignore.

Embrace Empowerment!

Be EMPOWERED within your journey.

You should understand your body.

You should know what makes you feel your best.

Fear-mongering makes you believe that you have a problem.

That you’re not good enough.

That unless you buy this “solution” you’re always going to be a failure.

Don’t believe this BULLSHIT.

If the solution doesn’t put you in control, empower you, feel sustainable, and factor in the individual nuances of your life… run away!

And if you don’t, that’s ok. I’ve been roped in by fear-mongering more times than I’d like to admit.

Just be sure to learn from the experience!


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