Top 7 Ways the Fitness and Nutrition Industry has Failed You – Lack of Individualization

by | Sep 28, 2019

Part 2: Lack of Individulization

Here’s where the fitness and nutrition industry is extra sneaky. They see the trend shifting to more of an individualized approach.

With more access to information and a smarter consumer, the diet industry is making a shift in promoting “individualized coaching.”

However, it’s often a disguise for a template or one-size-fits-all approach.

In order for something to be truly “individualized,” the program must factor in who you are as a person, your wants and needs, your values, your goals, your biofeedback, what you enjoy doing in your life, and your personal preferences… a.k.a. neurotype training.

Just entering your age, gender, height, and weight into a “coaching service” app or intake form doesn’t count as individualization.

Adherence and Sustainability

Remember that the two most important factors for long term success are adherence and sustainability.

In order to create those things in a way that you feel good about, we must understand all of the factors that make you the unique individual that you are.

One of the only truths in fitness and nutrition: context is king.

Yet, the industry consistently lets you down by making blanket statements that, according to them, apply across the board.

We’ve all heard things like:

Carbs are bad

Sugar is fattening

Fats are bad

Fruit contributes to weight gain

Eating after 6 pm is crazy

Skipping breakfast is healthy

Breakfast is the most important meal

6 small meals are ideal

Only eat 1-2 meals per day


The problem with all of these statements is they don’t factor in the individual (you know, aside from being completely void of context or backed by evidence).

Your plan should be based on your lifestyle, your personality, your goals, your biofeedback, your values, and your personal preferences.

Don’t let the industry treat you like a statistic and disguise it as “individualized coaching.”

Even worse is when recommendations are being made based on personal anecdote alone. Remember that you are in an individual.

What worked for your friend, spouse, coworker, or even the super-fit person that inspires you… will not work for you.

Fad diets can be enticing. You see people around you getting quick results and you don’t want to miss out on the fun.

However, typically what’s going to happen is the people you see getting quick results, will not maintain them. If they do, it’s because it happens to fit within their lifestyle, which doesn’t mean it’ll be a fit for YOU.

You are More Than a Number

Your journey is unique to you. You are more than a number.

If individual factors are not being considered, and I’m talking internal factors – NOT just data points, then the long term likelihood of success will be very low.

Blanket statements, outlandish claims, trying to fit everyone in the same box, and programs that don’t consider individual biofeedback should all raise red flags!

You shouldn’t be handcuffed by your diet.

That will lead us into #3…

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

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