Two Truths and a Lie … Can You Tell the Difference?

by | Oct 23, 2020

It’s Friday so let’s have a little fun … can you tell which of these are truths and which of these are lies?

Part 1

1. I’ve never seen a single Star Wars movie.
2. I once sat next to Tom Brady on a plane.
3. I played Division 1 tennis at University of Maryland.

Part 2

1. Fruit doesn’t make you fat.
2. Stress can be a major disrupter for fat loss.
3. Weekend calories don’t count.

Part 3

1. Cardio is the most effective exercise for fat loss.
2. Resistance training improves insulin sensitivity.
3. Building muscle improves body composition and can increase metabolic rate.

Guess the answers before you scroll down …

Ok …  here are the answers! For each part, there are two truths and one lie.

Part 1: number 3 is the lie. 🤥

My girlfriend’s kids make fun of me all the time for having never watched a single Star Wars movie lol.

And yes, I really sat next to Tom Brady on a plane (from Philly to San Diego).

While I did get recruited to play tennis at several small division 1 schools, and considered trying to walk onto the team at Maryland, ultimately, I lost my passion for the sport and decided not to play.

Part 2: number 3 is the lie. 🤥

Hopefully, that was an easy one! Fruit is full of micronutrients and fiber and absolutely does NOT make you fat. But what about the sugar? As long as food quantity and quality are in check, sugar is not the devil.

Stress is underrated when it comes to the impact on body composition. Due to all the metabolic and hormonal implications of chronic stress (not to mention psychological), it can make fat loss very difficult.

Your body needs the proper environment to adapt … stress will disrupt that environment.

And, this one is a shocker, I know, but weekend calories count just the same as weekday calories. Sad news.

Part 3: number 1 is the lie. 🤥

Cardio is a manual way to burn calories which is pretty inefficient for long term fat loss. There are plenty of health benefits to cardio (as long as it’s not abused). However, as a fat loss tool, it’s certainly not the most effective.

One of the best ways to improve insulin sensitivity is through resistance training!

And yes, building muscle is important for looking leaner or more “toned.” It also improves metabolic rate because the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest. Just another reason why cardio isn’t the most effective long term tool for fat loss … it doesn’t have that effect. In fact, too much cardio can cause muscle loss and a metabolism that is very inefficient with calories (not good).

So there you have it … a few diet, nutrition, and training truths to fuel your personalized plan!

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