Unconditional Fitness and Nutrition

by | May 18, 2022

Unconditional love …

What a wild phenomenon.

If you have kids … do you ever marvel at this concept?

Literally, no matter what they do … you love them anyway.

I think back to all the dumb shit I did as a child …

And my parents never wavered for even a second (well at least not noticeably lol) in their love and support.

Love … with zero conditions attached.

It’s not … I’ll love you if ____.

It’s … I’ll love you even if ____.

Maybe you have dogs and are obsessed with them like I am.

When Preston was a puppy, he would destroy everything.

My apartment looked like the Tasmanian Devil lived there.

I got $0 of my security deposit back.

He was also a shoe thief and destroyer.

I can’t even remember how many pairs he tore apart and how much money I spent on new shoes.

Pretty sure I bought the same Under Armour sandals like 4 different times.

And yet … he’s still my little man and I love him to pieces.

Leia was no prize puppy either.

Despite her gorgeous looks … she’s not the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

Pooping outside was never really her thing.

She’s also been known to destroy a couch or two in her day.

And on occasion, she still wakes us up in the middle of the night by tap dancing on the hard wood floors until we get up and let her out.

Hey, at least she’s finally potty trained at the ripe age of 3.

And yet … she’s my little muffin and I love her to pieces.

Zero conditions.

It’s truly remarkable.

Unconditional fitness and nutrition

So, what does this have to do with fitness or nutrition?

A lot, actually.

You probably have a whole list of conditions attached to your pursuit of better health or improving your body composition.

I’ll go to the gym if …

– I don’t hit snooze.
– I wake up and still feel like it.
– I’m not interrupted by anything at all.
– I don’t have any unexpected schedule changes.
– I’m not too tired.
– I’m motivated.

I’ll stay consistent with my nutrition and will eat well if …

– I’m not stressed.
– I have no hurdles or roadblocks.
– I have no temptations or cravings.
– I’m motivated.
– Work was easy.
– I can be perfect.

And then there’s the biggest IF of them all …

IF, and only IF, I see immediate results.

That would be like only loving your kids when you feel like it, when you’re motivated to love them, and only if they got a job and immediately helped to pay the bills.

Some of you are like … ehhhh, that doesn’t sound too bad lol.

But, consider that certain things you value and integrate as part of your internal operating system.

No conditions. No question.

Yet, something that you say is really important to you has a long list of conditions attached.

This has absolutely nothing to do with being disciplined or having willpower.

It’s simply an internal shift that has to occur where you remove the conditions, one by one.

For example, first drop the reliance on motivation.

Then, drop the need to be perfect.

Systematically destroy each condition as if you were Preston confronted with a fresh pair of sneakers on the ground.

Then, you’ll stop treating your fitness and nutrition like a transactional exchange.

I’m only doing this if ____ result occurs. Under ____ conditions.

You’ll begin doing it even if ____ happens. Regardless of ____ conditions.

Make sense?


Now the question is …

Will you take action on the above and make your fitness and nutrition unconditional?

I’ll be rooting for you.

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