Want the Perfect Abs for Summer?

by | Apr 26, 2023

You want your abs poppin’ for summer?

It’s probably too late.

There’s one week left in April which means we’re about to head into “oh shit” territory.

This is the time of the year when a lot of people recognize that they’re not physically where they want to be and think … “oh shit, summer is right around the corner, I need to tighten up!”

Trying to get the best abs for summer often results in some poor decision making.

Slashing calories. Eliminating carbs. Trying that ridiculous program that your neighbor Susan is doing where you eat 800 calories per day and are told to stop exercising.

Anything to get “summer ready,” am I right?

There’s one problem …

It never works.

How do I know?

Remember last summer? And the summer before that? And the summer before that?

How’d that work out for you?

If you were living your best life and looked exactly how you wanted to look then keep doing what you’re doing because it’s obviously working.

If not, we gotta adjust.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

I think we often lose sight of the fact that summer is a shitty time to be restrictive. There are more opportunities to be social, more vacations, more BBQs, more day drinking, and life is meant to be lived.

Which is why we gotta get rid of the whole “on or off” mentality.

When you fully embrace that this whole game is an infinite one and there is no finish line … then you realize you’re always “on.”

There’s no off.

Like being a parent. You don’t think to yourself … shit, I gotta be a parent again soon so I’m gonna turn it on for summer.

You’re just always a parent.

Once you can make that mental shift, you’ll stop putting yourself in a position where you have to do extreme shit to get “summer ready.”

Want to get the best abs for summer and beyond? Build a healthy lifestyle.

You’ll simply build the lifestyle that supports your goals and you’ll live that way forever.

And by the way, that includes being social. It includes eating foods you love. It includes vacations and date nights and social events.

But it also includes eating mostly quality foods. And moving your body each day. And prioritizing sleep and self care. And drinking mostly water. And maybe lifting some weights a few times per week. And eating an adequate amount of food for your own individual needs.

If you do that and you do it for a very long time … you won’t have to overhaul everything to feel confident wearing less clothes. You won’t have to turn it “on” for a period of time.

You’ll simply look at it as a tune up.

For example, I’m currently in a dieting phase. I’m trying to get a little leaner for an upcoming trip I have in May to Miami.

It’s a basic tune up so I can get a little bit leaner. It’s not a massive deviation from the norm. Just some minor adjustments.

Then, I’ll be right back at maintenance for a bit and I’ll implement another quick tune up before Mel and I get married in July.

The rest of the year will be maintenance. Where I still eat quality food most of the time. I still walk every single day. I still lift weights 3-4x/week. And I take my sleep and self care as non negotiables.

The only difference is I’ll be a little more flexible with alcohol and dining out. But not a huge change.

Because that’s my infinite game.

Embrace the “forever plan” to get the best results.

It’s not transactional. I’m not ONLY doing it if I see immediate results. I’m not ONLY doing it for the scale to move or to get the best abs for summer or whatever.

I’m doing it because I love how it feels to take care of my body and mind. And I plan on doing that shit until my very last breath on this earth.

That’s the real flex. Embracing the forever plan.

So you want to get lean and have your abs poppin for the summer?

Start now and don’t ever stop.

I don’t mean start dieting now. I mean start embracing the forever plan right now.

Remove the need for instant gratification. Remove the contingency plan (this is not contingent on the scale). Remove the short term focus.

Expand your time horizon. Create a process that you love that also supports the goals you want to achieve.

And then never stop.

One of our clients in our POP Essentials program (which is $147/mo) said yesterday, “I just want to say for the first time in my life I’m actually enjoying the process. I never thought that was possible.”

It’s very possible and that’s how you know she’s going to win. Because she now has a process that has no end date. No finish line. And will inevitably get her to where she wants to be.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

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