Want to Lose 20 Pounds in 3 Months?

by | Jul 11, 2022

I HAVE to lose 20 pounds in 3 months.

There’s no other outcome that would be considered appropriate.

It has to be 20 lbs and it has to be in 3 months.

Have you ever thought that way?

Maybe not with that exact goal but putting a timeline and a number on your results?

Lose 20 pounds in 3 months? 30 pounds in 6 months? 50 pounds in a year?

Be honest. Get real with yourself.

Have you EVER lost 20 pounds in 3 months or attached a timeline and a number to your results?

If it makes it more acceptable … I used to do that all the time.

In fact, I still struggle with NOT doing that.

I’m a very goal-driven person so the idea of having a specific target and a specific date to reach said target just makes sense in my brain.

But this is why awareness is so key.

Because doing it that way is putting you at a major disadvantage.

It’s taking the 2 most reliable and undefeated things and placing them squarely in opposition to yourself.

Going up against 2 undefeated opponents is never a good idea.

They have never lost in the history of ever and yet you think you’re going to beat them?

Who/what am I talking about?

Time and randomness.

Time and randomness have always happened.

Time has always passed. Time has never not passed.

So when you set an arbitrary timeline for your goals … you’re firmly placing time in opposition to yourself.

Randomness has always happened. Random and unpredictable shit has never not happened.

So when you set an arbitrary number/goal that MUST be achieved in the perfect timeline that requires all things to go right … you’re firmly placing randomness in opposition to yourself.

Why is no other outcome acceptable?

Why is no other timeline acceptable?

What if you lost 17 pounds but it took 9 months instead of 3?

That would only be considered a failure if you attached a specific goal to a specific timeline.

Otherwise … that’s a win.

The problem with setting those goals and timelines is you are eliminating every other possibility that could potentially be a really positive outcome and you are setting yourself up for failure.

There’s only 1 very arbitrary outcome that would be considered a success in that scenario.

But it might take longer. It might not be the exact number you want. It may not happen in the exact fashion that you want it to.

All of that is ok.

Which is why we must put time and randomness on our side.

Remember … they’re undefeated.

So we want them on our team. Not playing against us.

Allow for random shit to occur.

Allow for time to pass.

Expand the time horizon for your goals.

Put more emphasis and focus on the process and less focus on the exact outcome.

Many of our clients come to us with a very specific goal in mind with a very specific timeline in mind.

Those who embrace the process quickly learn that the timeline doesn’t matter.

They learn how to make the process work within their lifestyle and can have total peace of mind knowing that the goal will happen inevitably over time.

Regardless of how long it takes. Regardless of life’s ups and downs (randomness).

And the beauty of this approach is that the results last forever.

Which is why our clients often graduate and continue on their own with total confidence in maintaining their results.

It’s simple, not easy.

Which is why it helps to have guidance through this process.

Anyway, I’m hoping that this gives you something to consider.

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