What Does Moderation Look Like?

by | Jun 10, 2022

Here’s what moderation looks like …

4 cocktails and 2 donuts.

A big breakfast.

Chips and guac, giant fajitas, and two appetizers.

That is the first meal plan that you’ll receive if you join the Shred with Em & M. Sound good?

Amazing, sign up here!

Ok, I’m joking, we probably won’t prescribe that. But, you should still join if you want results.

Those were actually the highlights of my day yesterday.

Mel and I had a night together in Austin so we made the most of it.

We were here because Mel had a work thing so I tagged along and we turned it into a mini getaway together.

We hit the pool around 4 pm and started with some fun cocktails.

Met some new friends who were celebrating a 40th birthday party and one of them was a trainer.

We’re not the only ones who believe in moderation.

She grasped a concept that we teach and it was cool to hear it from someone else.

Anytime someone sees how fit Mel is, the conversation always turns to training and nutrition.

One of the women said … “So, do you spend like 24 hours per day in the gym?”

To which Mel replied, “Nope, just an hour around 4-5 days per week.”

She was like … Oh, so you must do a bunch of cardio too then, right?

Nope. Zero cardio.

Then, they were giving us recommendations on food to try in Austin.

One of the women was like … Oh wait, that food isn’t the healthiest.

And we both jumped in to tell them that we like to eat … and tonight we’re not concerned with it being the “healthiest.”

That’s when the trainer chick shared her nutritional philosophy and it was spot on.

She talked about eating mostly quality foods but never depriving herself.

When she wants ice cream, she eats ice cream.

When she wants donuts, she eats donuts.

Mel and I both lit up.


Moderation is eating quality foods MOST of the time.

We discussed how 90% of people struggle with grasping this concept of moderation.

We ate and drank our faces off last night.

Mel still has all 8 of her abs this morning.

I’ve got my 6 holding strong.

It will have zero impact on our results.

Not because we’re superior or genetically gifted in any way.

In fact, I’m pretty genetically unlucky.

But, It’s simply because MOST of the time we eat well.

It’s no longer a second thought.

It’s just what we do … day in and day out.

So, when we want some drinks, we have some drinks.

When we want late night donuts, we eat late night donuts.

It’s not complicated and it allows us to have freedom while still staying lifestyle lean.

Keep in mind, the sacrifices you make will be contingent upon your goals and how extreme they are.

If I’m trying to drop body fat or get ready for a photo shoot … nights like last night won’t happen.

When you say you want something, it’s important to assess whether or not your actions align with the thing you say you want.

And If they don’t … you have two choices.

1. Close that gap (aka create congruency between words and actions) or
2. Decide you don’t actually want that thing anymore.

Either way is fine.

Let me also make something clear …

When I say we have drinks when we want drinks and eat donuts when we want donuts …

I’m not talking about every damn day.

We usually have 1 day per week with a couple drinks and a meal out (or ordered in).

On occasion, it’ll be 2 nights.

Some people want the freedom without flexing the discipline it takes to achieve it.

You can’t talk about the 80/20 rule when it looks more like the 50/50 rule.

How close is your reality meeting your expectations?

I’m only sharing this because I see how most people operate …

Either all … or nothing.

0% or 100%.

They get an A or an F.

It’s chaos or rigidity and nothing in between.

We like to teach the in between.

There’s magic in between.

Hopefully this helps you find the in between.

We’ll also be teaching the in between during the Shred challenge. If you want a flexible plan to drop some body fat in 4 weeks with custom macros specifically for you …

Join us here.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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