What Does Moderation Mean For YOU?

by | Feb 19, 2022

Moderation is bullshit.

Make sure you read that correctly.

It says moderation, not motivation.

Although motivation is also bullshit … that’s a topic for another day.

As a broad stroke, general concept … there’s nothing wrong with moderation.

I’ve probably even mentioned it numerous times.

“Just eat that in moderation.”

“Just drink in moderation.”

It’s well-intentioned advice.

Moderation is subjective.

However, the reason why I think it’s kind of bullshit …

Is because it’s totally subjective.

What does “moderation” even mean?

If I’m drinking alcohol 3x per week is that moderation?

What about 4x per week?

What if the 3x per week person is drinking 4 drinks each time they indulge and the 4x per week person is only drinking 1?

Which one is moderate?

Are either of them?

It depends on who you ask.

And, therein lies the rub.

It’s hard to define moderation and it can look totally different depending on the person.

Many coaches like to give broad stroke answers because they have a hard time explaining nuance and context.

IG Bro Coach: calorie deficit

IG Health Guru: moderation

How about we actually explain what we’re talking about and how it applies to each individual?

What a novel concept.

Well, the actual definition of “moderation” is the avoidance of excess or extremes.

Again … subjective AF.

Rather than guessing, we like to be very specific and intentional with our clients.

We first discuss their non-negotiables.

What are the things you absolutely love to do, eat, drink, etc. that you don’t want to give up?

For many, it’s some form of date nights, vacations, family dinners, alcohol on occasion, and their favorite foods.

Great. We make sure those stay intact.

Then, we have the honest conversation about “moderation.”

The reality is this …

We want to begin this process with the MOST amount of flexibility possible.

However, we’re going to quickly see how you’re responding and progressing and will be able to determine what moderation actually looks like for you.

Meaning … we may need to dial things in and make some sacrifices here and there if you want to see progress.



Moderation for our clients looks like this …

In practice, it looks like this …

Our client Carol is able to drink wine every night and still drop body fat.

She’s down almost 15 lbs. since starting with us.

Our client Sarah is able to take the entire weekend off from all things tracking. She goes out with friends, has some drinks, enjoys the weekend, and is still making progress.

She’s completely transformed her relationship with food and is down over 10 lbs.

Our client Katherine is a busy professional and has a number of dinners out for work and only just recently started with us.

Knowing what moderation looks like for her, she’s more confident in the plan than ever and is already down 12 lbs.

Our client Gilly is a major foodie and has consistently been able to enjoy amazing meals with friends and her husband. Even when she’s actively trying to lose fat.

She’s lost about 15 lbs. and is able to eat more calories and perform really well.

I could keep going with hundreds of examples and they would all look different.

Which is the point I’m making here.

Moderation will look and feel differently depending on the person.

Most people struggle to figure this out on their own.

They often vacillate between chaos and rigidity.

Meaning … they’re either trying to be 100% perfect all the time …

OR they burn themselves out and say fuck it all.

Our clients enjoy flexibility while enjoying life and still reaching their goals.

That’s why our clients feel a giant sense of relief from the very beginning of our time together.

We’re able to figure out the exact level of flexibility and moderation for each client so they can enjoy life while still reaching their goals.

This is a major part of our Lifestyle Integration phase which is the 3rd pillar of our program.

The first two pillars are Neurotyping and Metabolic Priming.

Once we implement those 3 phases, the results are inevitable.

So much so that we guarantee it.

If we’re not able to achieve your goals in our time together …

You don’t pay a thing.

Which means there is zero risk involved and a massive upside.

The only thing that’s getting in the way of you achieving everything you desire …

Is simply reaching out and making the commitment.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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