What’s your Neurotype? Type 3

by | Oct 29, 2019

Neurotype 3 Neurological Overview:

Generally introverted, patient, loves structure, are very disciplined and make decisions based on facts, not emotions, tends to be overly analytical, and has a hard time adjusting to sudden changes.

Fairly high dopamine (but low sensitivity) – Very patient, easily accepts delayed gratification for later success

Low serotonin – Higher level of anxiety, chronic overthinkers/paralysis by analysis, OCD-like behavior, super structured, loves following a plan, bad at adapting on the fly.

High activators (glutamate, dopamine, adrenaline) vs. inhibitors (GABA, serotonin) – More prone to anxiety, tends to produce the most cortisol, prone to overthinking and creating scenarios in their mind. Will prefer to stick to things they know than taking risks.

Variable acetylcholine – Neurotype 3 can have high acetylcholine and, along with a fairly high glutamate level, it gives them a very good memory, which is almost a requirement for their profile to be “happy” (they are information accumulators). They can be pretty good technicians in sport or training and, in fact, often put technical mastery above pure performance increases.

Personality characteristics:

  • Anxious
  • Perfectionists
  • Introverted but can be more extroverted when they are in more familiar situations
  • Pragmatic
  • Analytical
  • Patient
  • Great at following a plan
  • Motivation is to avoid injury or stress
  • Doesn’t like to take risks
  • Observers
  • Prefers repetition over novelty
  • Makes decisions based on information and data, not impulse
  • Sudden changes in their plan can cause a lot of stress
  • Doesn’t like to talk about themselves
  • Very focused
  • Loves structure and rules
  • Detail-oriented


Training specifics:

  • Needs to feel in complete control of the movement, technique geeks, prefers structure (serotonin dominant)
  • Doesn’t do well with heavy or explosive neurological work and needs more rest days (low serotonin/GABA)
  • Prefers repetition – variety can create more stress/anxiety
  • Highest cortisol producers
  • Longer rest periods (high adrenaline)


Sport preference:

  • Runners
  • Cyclists
  • Endurance sports

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